Directstream screen doesn't indicate DoP

I have a couple of issues happening with the BitPerfect test and also with trying to play DSD files (as .dsf).

The Bitstream tests reports all perfect, but only after a fresh boot of the server/streamer. If I play something and then go back to trying the Bitstream test, it fails. This is via USB. It’s as if something is failing to “reset.”

When playing a .dsf file, the display on the Directstream is PCM (not DoP) and the rate is 352.8K at 16bits. Is this correct?

If I try to play a higher resolution .dsf file at a sample rate of 128, it will not play. Is that a limitation of USB?

Thanks in advance!

The screen is accurately displaying what it’s getting. If it says PCM then it’s PCM. The failure of the BitPerfect test is indicating the same thing. Something upstream of the DAC is doing something. Since it says 16 bits I presume it’s a setting in the playing program. If something was applying a volume it would probably say 24 bits.

The DS DAC’s USB supports DSD64 and DSD128 via DoP.


This info belongs in a FAQ document.

I just don’t know who should write it and where it should be published.

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So should the How-to on fully utilizing the BitPerfect tool. There is a “How-to” section on the website, but it’s really a forum for Paul. Not so much a technical “How-to.”

Both the site and the manual say USB can handle up to DSD128.

Thanks Ted.

I figured out the BitPerfect issue. I didn’t have the volume of the player set to 100% which is required in my software (Logitech Media Server LMS). It’s still not playing DSD as DoP, but I think I’m getting closer.

Several other streamers, e.g. LUMIN, require to turn off volume levelling completely, in order to allow native DSD or DoP delivery. If there is an option to disable volume control, give it a try.


Thanks for your response.

If you are referring to things like cross-fade volume, and replay gain, then yes, I have those all shut down as well. I double-check though.

Out of curiosity, where are you making volume adjustments? On a pre-amp, or DirectStream? Other?

I adjust volume via my preamp (Pass Labs XP-22).

DirectStream is fixed at 92. Streamer (Lumin U1 Mini) volume control is enabled (because my wife uses it for Spotify and wants to use the mobile or tablet for volume control), but I always adjust to 100 for music, and disable it in the LUMIN for critical listening or when I want to play DSD files.

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