Directstream Sr Mfg Versions

Hello - considering a move from the Jr to a new/used Sr.

Can PSA tell me if there have been any hardware/mfg improvements from the 2015 version to now? Or is it essentially the same with software upgrades?

Thank you

Hello - nobody at PS Audio has this answer?

Since the release of the DSD Sr, there has not been a hardware update, only software. But you would be surprise on the level of sound quality improvements on each software update. There are many and they are free which makes this dac such a good value. The sound just keep getting better, but I don’t know how much more they can keep it up.

I’m not reading the forum continuously (sleep and all). Anyway (as was mentioned above) there have been no revisions of the hardware boards since the first release: there have been a very few substitutions of non-audio related capacitors, etc. because of availability. But other than a few inconsequential part swaps the hardware hasn’t changed.


Seems like you do Ted :grin:

Thank you both

Understood. Have the JR/Snowmass. Excellent!