Some advice on the DS for a person in the market for one

I’m in the market for a DS (Sr.) DAC. Obviously, I could also get the DS Jr. but I had a couple of questions first.

I’ll start with:

Have there been different hardware versions of the DS? Or do the names change significantly to show changes in hardware - for example; Perfect Wave MKII to the Direct Stream?

In other words how do I know I’m getting the latest hardware?

There’s only one version of the DS hardware out there. If (when) we update the hardware there will be a new name. (In more detail: at times we might have to shift vendors for, say, a cap, but I always have to approve any such changes.)

Thanks for the info Ted. That’s good to know. I’m obviously new to PS Audio or I would have know your naming conventions.

FYI, I was attracted to PS audio through Paul’s YouTube videos. I like his understanding of Audio, his honesty, and his curiosity.

Also I like the idea of taking full advantage of my Roon license - something I can’t do with my AK500N.

Welcome, ericsphone!

The nomenclature and abbreviations of this forum take a bit to pick up. Just ask if you feel confused.

Oh, so there will be an update for us PSA DS owners? :grinning:

Probably someday, it’s not in progress.

Why don’t you sell me your used one then? Ha Ha :joy:

Be careful what you wish for!