Distortion and PST

Sometimes after I start a CD/SACD I hear loud distortion with the music. Usual fix is a reboot of the transport. But why is this happening? I believe it happens after I’ve had the player powered off for a little while. i have the latest firmware but this has happened with previous versions as well.

Do you mean completely powered off or just in standby?

I have had some operational problems also and my guess is it has to do with dimming the screen and/or the repeat function. For system warmup I usually put a disc on repeat and dim the screen. After a while it will not respond to commands from the remote or the front panel controls although it is still playing. Only a rear power switch reboot works. This happens about every couple of weeks or so.

How often does your problem occur?

I haven’t had the loud distortion you have had, but recently for the first time there was no sound. The screen did wake up and the timer was still counting down but no output. The Mk2 indicated there was still a connection. A rear switch reboot fixed it.

I don’t see evidence whether this is hardware or software related (or both).

I also had this lockup behavior when playing via a usb stick and it was much worse, nearly every time I tried it. I don’t use usb anymore, so problem solved!

I’d suggest contacting PS Audio technical support.

Completely powered off. We have power outages where I live, so whenever a storm is coming I power off and unplug.

I might have to, though they’ll probably tell me to do what I’m already doing, especially because I seem to be the only one with this particular problem so far.

A return to the tech shop is a possibility, worth a call and do follow-up with an email.

I’ve had a a few outages here and did a complete restart, but I never had the noise you experienced. Hard to tell what’s going on.

There is a slight possibility the problem could be with the dac.
Sometimes just reestablishing a digital stream can cure such a problem in the downstream device.

It is probably not the problem in your case but I would power cycle only the dac next time it happens just to be sure.

Already tried that. Didn’t help. Player problem was the same with DAC mach 1.

Yes that could happen as well. I misstated above when I said the no sound output was fixed with a power cycle (I just forgot). What did happen was no sound after cycling the PST and still no sound after cycling the Mk2. The green light was on after each recycle but no sound. I checked the seating of the hdmi cable (power recycle on both units) but no sound. I then changed the hdmi cable for another lying around and got sound back. Next I reinstalled the original hdmi cable and there was sound. The problem has not reoccurred.

So it seems that breaking the digital signal and reconnecting could be the way to fix some of these problems. This would explain why power cycling one or both units did not work.

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My player is now just under two years old. All of a sudden whenever I press play on the front panel the player powers off and won’t come back on unless I use the power off/on switch. It plays fine from the remote. I sent a msg to tech support. Any suggestions until they get back to me? Yes, I reinstalled the current update.