PST behaving strangely

In the last few days my PST has become unresponsive numerous times. A few times in the middle of playing a disc. I have to toggle the unit off then back on again. On top of that, every CD I played past the first track, produced a loud hissing, scratching sound, and the music was very garbled and distorted. After toggling it off and back on again several times it seems to have straightened out, for now at least. Anyone else experience this bizarre behavior?

Yes, as part of my initial burn in. Cycling the PST resulted in it taking out my DSD DAC as well. Never got a meaningful answer as to the cause of the PST failure and why it took my DSD DAC with it. As such, I had PS Audio keep the PST. Good luck with yours.


I got the “garbled, distorted, scratching” sound that you describe once. What I did was turn the power off, pull the hdmi cable off and reinsert into the PST and the DAC.
That seemed to solve the problem as it hasn’t happened again since (approx 12 months).

What’s weird is it didn’t do it on the first track but every track after, and not just one CD, a handful of them. At first I thought it was the CD, so I removed it and cleaned it and tried it again, same thing. Then proceeded to try several other CDs, and quickly came to the conclusion it was the transport.

I am really surprised that so many have issues with the PST. Issues were common with the DMP but not as surprising as the programming for the DMP was much more extensive as it had the touch screen and displayed cover art and track list information. The PST is very basic in features requiring allot less programing to do the functions required.

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Gary, I agree with Ron that the HDMI cable can cause the some of the issues you’ve described. A while ago I realized my HDMI cable (0.6m) was very close to a power cable so I put a sideways curve in the HDMI cable, then reinstalled it. Soon after, I experienced some very distressing noise from the PST and DAC. Reseating the HDMI cable cleared the problem.

My HDMI cable is at least 6" from any power cables. And if was the HDMI cable, why did the first track on a handful of CDs, play just fine, and all tracks after that were fubar. Sounds more like a laser tracking problem.

Agree, the ok first track thing is weird.