PST Maintenance required?

Lately my PST skips or stalls. Sometimes after it stalls, it starts playing again. But not always.
Not always the same cd and the cd that this happens with plays flawlessly in my car or on my son’s (cough) Jay’s.
I bought mine very early on, so it’s well used.
Does it need cleaning or a trip to Boulder?


Indeed, a strange behavior that I’ve never seen it before.
All problems I have on my PST, a main power cycle fixes the problem. Maybe give it a try by main power off, removing the cables, wait for a while, reconnect the cable, main power back to see if it help.

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You know…this “main power off/on fix” is getting old on PS equipment. I have to do this on my DSD every two weeks or so when it refuses to come out of standby.

But it’s always resolved, so…

I’ve had to do this with every computer (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet that I have owned or operated since the mid 1980s. Nothing new nor unique here.

Of all my PSA gear P15, occasionally requires a reset after updating the settings from the web console! Times have changed, and resets are the exception now! So, if cleaning does not work, then a visit to the service centre may be needed!

I am clearly looking forward to learning of the actual resolution of the concern. An occasional reboot while inconvenient in not the end of the world. Hopefully PS Audio can step in and advise as to what may be occurring and what the solution is.

I hope they do too. But their responses have been rather higgledy piggledy.
The issue is not resolved by a reboot. It seems to me that the issue is hardware specific. Maybe I put a dirty cd in there or something.

Hi Ron…maybe time to use the warranty and ship it back for repair!

Yes, most likely. But I was hoping to hear some “simple” solution.

Ahh…if things were only that easy. :innocent: Good luck with the repair.

My suspicion is the lens needs a gentle cleaning. I have done this may times with various drives, computer and audio.

Thanks Elk.
Any guidance from PSA on how to?

Not of which I am aware. I just take a long cotton on a stick applicator with isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the lens. A camera lens duster helps remove actual dust.

Others recommend compressed air. This is probably fine. It just makes me a bit nervous as canned air is expelled quite forcefully.

Thank you Sir!

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I will be very curious to know how to clean the lens, especially, PST uses this Marantz SACD M3 drive mechanism

I wonder if those “CD player clean disk” really work or not (I never try it, worry about the “micro brush” as they called it, will damage the lens instead clean it.) Look like clean the PST lens will need a professional to do it.

Are there specific discs it tends to skip with or does it not really discriminate like that?

This has happened to my PST but very rarely. I found that replaying from the beginning of the track where it happened solves the problem.

Thanks James
It was just one disc and maybe 50% of the time with that particular disc.
Now it seems just random.
And if it’s the lens that needs to be cleaned, is there written guidance?

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I may be wimpy, but the cleaning discs always made me nervous, I have mental images of them pushing too hard on the components, getting stuck, etc. But they probably are completely safe.

Stereophile, etc. must have written about these discs at some point.

I don’t know if I’d look into cleaning it quite yet. It’s not that old of a unit yet. If it were 6-7 years old, I’d look into cleaning the lens. I think you’re trying to play Christmas music on it and the PST just isn’t digging it right now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rofl: