Weird occasional issue with PST and DS MkII

I’ve run into this weird problem more than once with these two components. If the PST has not been power cycled in a while (days?, weeks?) when playing a disc I’ll get a really heavy static overlay over the music. Restarting the DS doesn’t solve the problem. Only power cycling the PST makes it go away. Then it’s gone for good… until it shows up again. Days, weeks, maybe months later. Anyone else experience this? It goes without saying the PST is on 24/7.

I had something like this occasionally when I was beta testing the PST, and that was with DS MK1 then. Seems like power cycling the PST would normally correct it. Never have that now with mk2, but thought the PST issue had been fixed with software upgrades.

Guessing you’re already on the current firmware/fpga on the PST, but if you’ve unsure, I’d check that out.

Not positive this is the latest PST release, but I’m on firmware 2.4.4, FPGA 1.07.

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Thanks. At least I’m not the only one. I am on the latest FW. It happens so rarely that I guess it’s easy enough to live with. :man_shrugging:

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I just checked the release notes and 2.4.2 was supposed to fix “Unit locks up after continuous play” which I suppose means while on disc repeat. My PST is on 2.4.4 and I still have this problem. I haven’t had the ‘static’ problem but similarly the lock up is rare and is fixed only with a power recycle.

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Just chiming in to say I’ve had a similar issue with the PST with both Mk1 and Mk2 DACs.
Loud static obliterating the music signal and lockups, both cured by power recycle (sometimes need to repeat)

Happens only rarely and am on 2.4.4 so not really a huge issue just to power off and on again.

I did contact support about a year ago who said they were not aware of others with this issue on 2.4.4

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I have PST with “old“ DS.
I call this “static overlay” the “hissing bug” when it first showed up during the beta test.
Each Software update stabilizes this problem. But not 100% eliminates it yet.
Since the 01/30/2022 (FW 2.4.4) update on my PST, I have

9th hissing bug in FW2.4.4
01/15/2024 (very cold day.)
8:00am power on. Hiss on cd playback.
Main power cycle. Problem fix.

Plus 3 “fatal error” that PST become “frozen” no response, main power cycle fixes the problem as usual.

Ok, seems that I have the same problem with my PST and DS mk2 a few months ago. I never have this problem with the original DS for the many years that I have the combo. Thanks Tony22 for bringing this up as it may be a common issue with a lot of people. Let see if PSA will address this issue.

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I’m having the same freeze up problem. It happens when the pst is set to repeat entire disc. A power cycle is the way to stop restore playback. I hope someone from PSAudio is monitoring this thread

Same here with disc on repeat and screen dimmed. Has this happened for you with the screen on? I was never sure whether it’s just one of the two or both together. It happens so rarely it is hard to test.

Paul or someone else may catch this (in particular, Paul does his best) but it you want PS Audio specifically aware of this issue call them. You can also email Paul directly


I had a similar issue from the beginning with my PST (very loud hissing with music only just discernible underneath)

Happened quite regularly at the beginning when I was burning it in with files via the front USB, when I would come back next morning to find either loud hissing or the unit frozen. Issue solved by power cycling but sometimes needed to be repeated or unit left powered down for several minutes.

It can happen with screen either off or on, and I have encountered this while a disc is playing normally (neither set to repeat tracks or entire disc) and with both the Mk1 and Mk2 DAC.

I contacted support a year or so ago to be told it was an issue prior to 2.4.4 but they had not heard of it subsequently.

I gave up on USB playback long ago. The PST would freeze more often than not regardless of being on repeat or not. Even when working navigating tracks was a problem and this would also cause a freeze. I tried several USB sticks each reformatted with only music files on it. No luck.

I just use CDs for burn in now and live with the additional drive wear. My only use of USB sticks is for firmware updates (a different input jack) and it works fine for that.

Likewise, and I only used USB for the initial burn-in.
The occasional hissing issue was still apparent with CD play.

My failure is with PST display on or off.

So now it seems that ‘disc repeat’ is the culprit, at least so far.

If it’s a code issue it could be tough to track down since the problem is rare. Maybe PSA could give it a try anyway.

It’s not “the only” culprit. I think disc repeat makes it happen to a somewhat greater degree, but it can also happen at one of these once in a blue moon scenarios without having done any repeat play since the lat power cycling. I agree tracking down a root cause is not going to be easy.

Yes that seems correct. I just recalled I was listening with the screen off and sound output just stopped but the disc was still spinning (could hear it close to the PST). No response via remote or front panel, only power cycle worked.

Tony–A friend had a similar static issue with his Esoteric transport. Exchanging cds didn’t help, only a power cycle.
He feels that his problem has been solved by grounding the chassis.

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Hmm. Now that’s an interesting possibility. Thanks.

All components have been connected to a Entreq ground box and I still have this hissing noise issue.