Speaker binding posts with plastic covers

My Krell amplifier has speaker binding posts with the clear plastic covers. Apparently these are for EU safety requirements. I want to use spade connectors and have no idea how to open these covers. I’ve wrestled with them but they don’t budge. I don’t even know whether they unscrew or pull out or whether there is some other method at play. Does anyone have experience with these?

My Pass Labs XA25 has similar covers. The spade connectors slide into the openings.
The ends of the connectors are probably internally threaded and should lock down the spades once they’re pushed into place.

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Thanks for this. Do you mean that you don’t loosen the covers at all? The spades just slide into the short opening on the side?

On my amp the covers are stationary. I back out the ends of the connectors which backs them out enough to slip the spades in. Then I tighten the clamp.


I’m not sure we have the same type. I don’t see any way to slide a spade into the caps on mine. It seems like they have to loosen somehow.

I detest these EU mandated binding post covers, presumably to protect idiots from themselves. They are fitted to the Parasound JC5 I just added to my stable of components and I know of no method of removing them. I had to switch to bananas because the spades on my speaker cables were too wide for the slot (not unusual for high-end connectors). It gets worse if you have, say, a REL sub. Good luck somehow getting a spade lug and the Speakon wire, however it is terminated, secured with that style of binding post. Booooo!

They should un-screw counter clockwise. If they were over tightened may have to use pliers but gently. Never tried it but suspect you could break the top half off. Most all spades can fit except Cardas CGMS.

Thanks. I guess they’re just very tight. I’ll get some heavy gloves. I’m afraid I’ll break something if I try pliers or a wrench.

There’s no way Krell made an amp that won’t accept spade connections.
If you don’t have a manual, call their service department, the number is listed on their website.

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It does take spades. The manual says so. I messaged Krell and they said it just unscrews, so I’ll just keep at it.

Stereophile review…

The Krell’s loudspeaker outputs come with EU-approved plastic safety fittings, a challenge for bifocal wearers. But once you get the hang of things, it’s easy to connect and tighten spade lugs.

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Yeah, I was beginning to think it was like those safety caps on gasoline cans that I still can’t figure out. :wink:

Did you get it sorted out?

Not yet. I need to buy some channel lock pliers. That should do it.

The pliers did the trick. Wow, what an ordeal. Thanks everyone for all your help.