DIY floor standers, and DIY bookshelfs

I’ve had a real pleasure building DIY speakers. It really tickles me in all the right places for dollar/sound value, wood working, some electronics, and following freely available designs.

Built these “Invictus” floor standers from DIY speaker from Curt Campbell.
Utilizes Scan Speak 18W8531G Revelator, and CSS LD25X. The box is setup in a Mass Loaded Transmission Line setup (MLTL).

I’m running these floorstanders with an Elekit TU-8500 DIY pre-amp kit, and an Akitika GT-102 DIY amp kit. So I’m way down the DIY rabbit hole! I enjoy it all.

However, after an A B test with the TU-8500 and GT-102 vs the mighty Sprout… my next big purchase will be some Stellar amps. I just can’t fault that amazing PS Audio sound! Although I really do feel a connection to the kits that I’ve built.

Before I had built the floor standers, I built a pair of bookshelf speakers, Speedsters, designed by Paul Carmody. Those use Fountek NeoCD1.0 ribbon tweeter with a Tang Band W4-1720. I built the rear ported version. At the moment, they’re paired with a PS Audio Sprout and holy hell do they sound good. I enjoy running them with the Sprout’s “bass boost” turned on. One time I plugged the wires in backwards +/- vs -/+ and it sounded like ass. I’m happy I caught that.