DIY speakers

I hope this is the right place to post a DIY speaker project. Most posts seem to be electronics. Anyway, here’s a design I made recently. The sides are 16ga stainless hand formed in my English wheel. The front and back are mdf, and the top is sycamore. The tweeter is an AMT from Parts Express, and the woofer is 8" carbon fiber from a different source. They are crossed over at 4Khz by simple 12db/octave passive network. I know people shudder at the thought of metal speakers, but rest assured the insides are thoroughly braced and deadened. The sound really good, even thought the tweeter is fairly directional.



Here’s a link to the build …[]



Vey nice!

Cool! And this is the perfect place to post this.

Wow! Really cool!! did you post those on the PE Forum as well?

Thanks. You mean Parts Express? No, I don’t think I did. Good idea.


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Thanks, Paul! I enjoy what you do.


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They look very impressive. I’m just starting to get into louspeakers. I thought about getting the Elac Uni 5 or the Debut 5 cause of their performance according to reviewers but I might just dive into DIY cause I want a certain aesthetics for my set up cause the only consumer loudspeakers that can satisfy my eyes (but still are not suitable for me) are Wharfedale denton 80th anniversary edition (not a very good value according so some people when it comes to certain genres) and Legacy Audio Studio HD because they’re way above my budget.

But I would like to know what crossover did you use? is it this one: ?

Finally, how would you describe the sound? I really love how it looks and I’m really considering building the same speakers but the most important thing for me in terms of perfomance is how good is it with hard rock especially System of A Down music?

This is interesting to me as I have built speakers in the past and am interested in it now…but is it a reality for critical listening systems? All the speakers I have built have sounded pretty good…but nothing like a professionally designed speaker. Is it possible to build a high end speaker without the background? Been watching Paul’s videos about the upcoming AN3 (1,2,4,5…) and see how difficult and trying it is. Is it reasonable to get high end sound from a DIY project?

In 1975 I built a pair of the dream speakers for a HiFi buff in the UK; KEF Kit 3 boards (a KEF Concerto without a cabinet) mounted in Bailey transmission line enclosures. Not the same as designing your own speaker from scratch. I am still using them, albeit after re-wiring, re-stuffing, and substituting better crossovers. I regularly audition other speakers, but always return to listen to my own again and decide that they hold up pretty well. They are very large, and very ugly chipboard boxes (we didn’t have MDF in those days) but the TL labyrinth makes them very robust. Not high end, but until I hear something much better I shall stick with them.

Those look really nice. Per the drivers I bet they sound good too, Some of the very highest end speakers are actually braced with Aluminum. Like Magico.