Which B&W bookshelf speakers work well with Sprout100

I have a Sprout100. I paired with Elac Debut 2.0 B5.2 before. Currently I pair it with Tannoy Mercury v1i. I am not too happy with both. I want to try B&W now. I wonder if anyone can give me any recommendations which models of B&W bookshelf speakers work well with Sprout100, thanks!

Don’t tell Paul! :grinning:

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No offense! It was just not the sounds I was looking for. There must be a reason that many people like Elac speakers.

Don’t take my comment seriously. I was just playing on the fact that Paul famously dislikes B&W speakers.

Nah, I know! In fact, I do not know what I am really looking for. I almost wanted to get Q Acoustics 3020i because I thought I would enjoy the high and midrange, but many people compared it with Elac’s ones. Since I don’t like Elac, so I won’t like 3020i either. This is why I want to try B&W. I am living in the North California. I do not know any showrooms that I can try speakers before buying. Bestbuy carries B&Ws, I hope I can try some over there.

Welcome! Right when I started working for PS Audio I got one of the original Sprouts and paired it with an older pair of 600 series. I was very happy with the results for quite a few years. I then of course got the bug and have totally changed up the system. I was darn pleased for a while though. I bet their new 606 S2 would pair well and at a pretty good price too.

Thanks @jamesh ! Another reason I don’t want to try 3020i is most ppl suggested adding a subwoofer to compensate the bass. How was the bass from your 600 series? I hope I don’t need the subwoofer for my elevator music (mostly jazz).

Eh, to be honest with you, it wasn’t amazing. I could have gotten away without a sub but I am a HUGE proponent of having a sub in the system. Even if you’re not listening to very bass heavy music, it’s remarkable how much life a subwoofer can bring to the sound!

Yes, I see your point, thanks!

I cannot speak to the question of how B&W bookshelves would sound with your Sprout.

What I can say is that I love my Sprout paired with a pair of Klispsch RP-600Ms. (Yeah, I jumped on that bandwagon and do not regret it.)

This is my desktop setup for work and the big issue for me is that it sounds so good that I tend to get lost in the music. Productivity can be lacking in those moments. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I have heard lots of ppl pairing sprout100 with RP-600M. Would you tell me if you use a subwoofer too?

I guess I should have mentioned the sub. The speakers actually have decent base response, but of course, cannot match a powered subwoofer. It is perhaps a bit overkill for the application, but I have a Klipsch Reference R-112SW. It adds some hefty punch to the low frequencies. :wink:

I’m a big fan of the Sprout 100. I think it’s the best value in the PSA catalog. My recommendation for speakers, based on personal experience, would be the Harbeth P3s. I went with this combination based on how well they worked for Darren Myers as described in several of his podcasts. Good deals can be had on used P3s. I purchased my 40th Anniversary P3 ESRs second hand. Regarding the Sprout, in particular, it will reward you sonically if you upgrade the stock power cable.

I can also vouch for the Klipsch RP-600Ms as a more economical alternative to the P3. If going the Klipsch route, I highly suggest upgrading the stock crossover. It’s a simple DIY project well-documented in a series of YouTube videos. The video describes the rationale behind the upgrade (improved frequency response, considerably upgraded component quality, etc.) Danny Richie will sell you a kit with the schematic and all the components required. I performed the upgrade last summer and it was an easy, fun project that improved the sound of an already critically acclaimed speaker.

All the best in whichever path you take. Enjoy your Sprout!

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I am watching Danny’s videos on the crossover upgrade for the Klipschs now. He lays out a logical rationale for the component selection as well as the use of no rez speaker foam to deaden the enclosure. I am convinced that his kit will produce a noticeable improvement. Your endorsement doesn’t hurt either. :wink:

I appreciate the head’s up.

Wait. What? :slight_smile:

Could they put more screws on the P3’s front? Just kidding!

I may be in the wrong direction. I keep thinking to get a pair of good bookshelf speakers + sprout100 without using a subwoofer, then, I blame the speakers do not provide the sounds I want. I should try to add a subwoofer first.

Yes, a subwoofer helps. I think it has nothing wrong with the bookshelf speakers. I just need to add a subwoofer. Thanks guys!

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