Infinity Renaissance 90 speakers?

Does anyone have any experience with these speakers. I’ve read glowing reviews and that they require a lot of power-I was thinking of mating them with my BHK Amp. I can get them for around 1,200usd…Too much, thoughts?

I am not familiar with them, but there is a “Vintage Infinity Speakers” group on Facebook; I suggest that you join the group and ask about these speakers there, the members of that group have a wealth of knowledge about Infinity speakers.

thank you, JS. Don’t do Facebook, but thought since there is a history here with PSA and Infinity there may be some insight.

Yeah, I don’t (didn’t) do Facebook, either - but I found that it was absolutely the best place to find information about my vintage Infinity speakers, and plenty of people willing to help with good advice. Good luck!

I’ve never listened to them, but I have their daddy, the Epsilon’s. I don’t think I have ever heard a negative, or even average assessment of the Renaissance 90’s. Those that have the 80’s sometimes want for more base. Either way, the High Energy EMIM and EMITs in the Renaissance series are Infinitys most advanced planar drivers, more advanced than they made for the IRS V’s in Paul’s reference system. If you have the BHK 250, look for a report that tracks their impedance throughout the audio range. Are there any very low dips in impedance? The BHK should be a great match as long as there aren’t any serious dips of impedance and you like to really crank the volume.

Thank you for the feedback/info. I recently brought up my restored/upgraded AR3 speakers that are 4ohm and quite hungry to pair with the BHK250- there does not seem to be dips with them. How would I tell with just my ear? I don’t need to crank these and DB is roughly the same as the Infinity. Probably a good idea to measure the dims out on these speakers before moving forward. I have not seen a negative or par (user) review Either. Just wondering if it’s worth saving the cash to put towards a set of modern speakers.

Do a search for a review of the 90’s that includes a lab report that includes impedance measurements. Stereophile did a review of my speakers and stated they dip down to about 2.8 ohms around 200 htz, and in my 800 sf room at high volume, listening to a challenging Reference Recording percussion recording…lets just say it will shut down some amps. It will be different for the 90’s because that measurement would be associated with the LMIM driver which the 90’s don’t have.

By the way, if all the drivers function well and the speakers are in nice cosmetic shape, I say it’s a financial bargain and a musical gem. The drivers alone would probably part out for $1,200.

Here is a non professional review, but well written. If I owned these, I would drive them with the BHK 250, then likely biamp them at some point, with a new amp for their woofers, either the S300 or M700 depending on your needs and wallet allow. If you decide to pass on these speakers, turn them on to me, I might try to sneak them past my wife.

Suds, Are you in Canada? They’re at partsconnexion…$1700can=$1200usd. That may be my problem. they are a bit bigger than I thought. And, I need to see the ideal positioning of these badboys.

Ouch! No, I’m in the USA, Virginia. They are not small speakers, but they are designed to accommodate more flexible positioning. Unlike Infinity’s earlier traditional dipole speakers, these can be placed closer to the wall and still have a great sound stage. Understand, I am a huge classic Infinity fan, and these speakers are similar in design concept to my speakers, so yeah, I’m into these.

I wonder if they have them set-up for demo. They carry BHK amps-If they had open box demo that may be a good way to listen, however given the climate, not sure the doors are open. They’re only shipping and curbside.

And to make these work in my current space, they would be about 1 foot from the bacl wall.

Sounds like you are talking yourself out of these?

I am trying to be certain that if move forward I do not put myself in a place to reconfigure and already tight space for my equipment. For a moment, I thought you worked for PartsConexion, lol.

If I did, I would have bought these with my employee discount!


Hi, I just saw this thread. I have had the Ren 90s for years now. It is the only part of my system I have never upgraded. I just cant find anything that matches the sound without spending $20,000. There is a white paper by Infinity about them at this link
I have driven these with various amplifiers including a 30 watt EL34 based tube amp, a 30 watt class A amp, a 105 watt class A amp and a pair of JC1 400 watt monoblocks. The bass response depends on placement and decoupling just as much as power. I use the spikes in Ringmat domes on a wood floor. Ringmat Isolation Spike Stopper Domes - Analogue Seduction Many have associated lean bass with difficulty to drive. Not the case. These things produce prodigious bass even with the lower watt class A amps. These speakers are rated at 4 ohms with 87 db sensitivity. These are not the Epsilons or the old Kappa 9 that dipped below 3 ohms and killed some amps. I hope this helps.