DL III on Windows 10

I hooked up the unit with a USB cable to my CPU and restarted my computer (running Windows 10) and ran RCAs to my pre. When I started my computer back up it didn’t have any sound and had to go control panel to get the sound back through my computer speakers. I wonder if this is an issue but I didn’t find anything in the manual. I still haven’t been able to get audio to my pre; the manual also says I don’t need any drivers though I don’t see the DL III in a list of devices. Any help would be great.

You don’t need drivers for a Mac but I would think you would for Windows. Every other PS Audio DAC does when using Windows over USB. The PSA USB driver is at Resources, above, then driver tabs. I would think it would work with the DLIII as well but am not sure.

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Thank you! I DL-ed the only driver there (USB DAC Driver) but it doesn’t mention the DL III. I tried running setup it and doesn’t see the unit. I replaced the USB cable to no avail.