Do I really need P15 in this litle system?

My reference system has Two P20’s. In our bedroom the system never draws more than 4.8A max. Usually about 3.1A. On dedicated 20A outlet, Furutech. So not sure it needs regeneration. It is by no means a low end system. Upper Mid-FI I guess. Do you guy’s think Dectet would do it justice or maybe a small PSA power converter? Only need 6 plugs. I like to stick with PS for this stuff though. Just need some advice what is not overkill for it. Thank you

In your bedroom…??? That all depends what else you hook up to that thang’ besides stereo stuff… :rofl::joy: #sorry_in_a_not_so_serious_mood_today

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funny too but nothing but stereo. Not sure I want a filter/protection or regenerator. There are very high end $$$ filters but I am looking to spend less than a Grand here. I could get a used P3 though probably for not much more than my budget. I cannot discount filters because there are $20K ones and more money than any regenerator. Although I agree regenerator is better if you need the oomph but I doubt this does. Waiting for MR. Smith’s answer in other thread.