Do you buy music for the sole purpose of learning?

Do you buy music for the sole purpose of learning? If so give a few examples of what and why?

I am not referring to experimenting to find good music new to you. Example:

1 - Hank Williams and Johnny Cash - I wanted to understand more about American country music. I never really liked these guys or the sounds they made, but I purposly purchased this stuff to better understand being an American. Of course since it was “good” music, I grew to like it… or more appropriately, appreciate it.

2 - Gene Vincent - Roots rock 'n roll. See 1 above… didn;t get hooked… more novelty and I can hear his riffs in newer rockabilly stuff.

3 - Segovia for Spanish/classical guitar… back when I started to learn the instrument. Didn’t get hooked.

4 - Neuvo Tango and Astor Piazzolla … wow!!.. this was a fabulous move! I am totally enamored… probably would not have found this if I didn’t pursue the knowledge… tango always pops up in movies etc… and I was considering a vacation to Argentina but had trouble getting flights… went to Brazil instead.

Anywho… many more… being totally honest, most of my purchases in the pursuit of knowledge did not result in being a fan of the artist or genre… but sometimes it did.

Bruce in Philly

I readily agree, it is always invigorating to be reaching …

I don’t necessarily “buy” it, but high-quality streaming has made it painless for me to experiment and listen to music I would not ordinarily buy or otherwise pursue.

From time to time I’ll randomly select albums from the “what’s new” selections on Tidal, and some of the new pop offering are quite good. The only “filter” I apply is for albums where every track carries the “Explicit” flag, though I’ll make an exception if only one or two tracks are flagged. For some reason, I’m not easily offended by coarse language except when it comes with music. It’s like farting in church.

Of course, that screens out most rap and hip hop. :astonished:

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Maybe I can re-invigorate this thread a bit. I think I am barking up a dead tree.

I am not referring to finding new music… but using music as a way of learning. Learning about American history… or about other cultures.

Do you seek out music that you otherwise would have no entertainment interest in just to learn about a subject … or maybe musical history? I do… but apparently I am an oddball.

How about collateral learning? I was listening to Santana’s Tousaint Louverture tune… looked up the name and ended up reading a ton on Haiti.

Bruce in Philly

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I think I’m a good example of someone generally open for good music of any kind throughout the genres and my taste is very wide.

When trying out unfamiliar music the quality of sound plays a major role in my case. Exceptional sound opens up for the real quality of the music and music which I usually would never have aquired. Good equipment really connected me to a lot of such music. That’s one of the main reasons for me for spending the money on it.

An example of music that’s not accessible to so many is baroque chants/arias with strings. But e.g. albums of the energetic Simone Kermes (she might not be first choice for experts, I don’t know) played on a good setup is dynamite. Pace and dynamic reproduction play the major role when accessing unfamiliar music imo. I also heard her live, which was a great experience.

Here a great album with an icky cover: