How/Where do you find new music (that you like!)?

I am NOT asking about what streaming services you use per se … but where do you learn about new music that you like. Important: That you like. Hi Rez is secondary to me.

For me:
Old sources: Radio: surf the stations… college/friends: parties/walk the halls… Album cover notes: who plays what
1 YouTube seriously, this is how I find new stuff anymore
2 Radio and XM/Serius
3 gleening from reviews etc…

I am seriously interested in discovery but am challenged.

Bruce in Philly

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I use Youtube a fair bit as well but usually get there after hearing something new I like from RadioParadise or suggested by Roon from my own catalog.


I have found some good new stuff following the “What are you listening to” thread on Roon.

  • I listen to WWOZ (New Orleans) on my computer at work. Shazam and use their website list for names.
  • Listen to WDCB (Chicago area Jazz radio station). Lucky to have a very good local Jazz radio station that actively supports live music.
  • The thread here on the board that Lonson started, “What are you spinning right now?”
  • Obsessively talk about music with anyone that will listen. My son-in-law has some friends that are equally obsessed and also in the music management business (Some pretty big name folks: Chance the Rapper, etc.). Jazz and NOLA music are my primary things, but these people help keep me current (wish current didn’t almost always mean TOO LOUD).
  • Maintain an over 800 CD list in My Favorites on Amazon. Usually buy from the top but keep trying to get back to the bottom. Life is too short and there’s too much good music.
  • Try to see lots of live music wherever I am. Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Austin… Almost always pick up a CD at the show. Yes, they overprice the CDs but if musicians can’t earn a living, we won’t have musicians anymore. Don’t mind paying for tickets and merchandise at the shows.

Nice…Thanks bro

Amoeba music. They recently had a video of the band Garbage & which albums they had each picked up & why they chose it. They also list bands that the employees like.

YouTube and Spotify…over time they seem to learn stuff you might like. I have bought more CD after discovering something on Spotify than any other medium. Another source is ABC Classic FM or JJJ radio in Australia…I’m only in the car for 15 minutes per day on average and I often find myself concentrating on the announcer to hear what was just played. If they don’t announce it I follow up via their playlist on the internet.

I subscribe to newsletters via email from HDTracks and ProStudioMasters. These have their latest releases and sale promos. I can visit their sites and sample new hi-rez releases. For streaming music and finding song titles to lookup the artists and albums; SOMA FM. The title will display on JRiver. I can search the song title on YouTube and find out the rest. I’ll also search the album on Amazon to see if I can sample other tracks and see if I wanna buy the entire thing.

Something I haven’t done in a while, the used/new CD/vinyl store is where I can sample CDs via headphones. There’s still one left in my neighborhood. The other two are in different neighborhoods in the city. They’re a drive or a bus ride away.

I listen to whatever has a score of 80 or higher from at least five critics and buy the ones I like. Out of every five records I buy, three are new bands for me and the vast majority are discovered at this site. Been doing this for a few years now and it’s been the easiest way I know of to find new music. I download from HDtracks or Bandcamp.

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As a jazz buff, I listen to non-profit radio stations. I listen to KCSM in California, WHPK in Chicago, WKCR in New York, and WRTI in Philadelphia ! Lately, I have also been listening to a new website called Jazz Con Class Radio that plays many of the classic recordings ! That is how I listen to new music ! I also read the jazz magazines like Jazz Times !

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In no particular order:

  1. Ask my teenaged daughter what she is listening to and singing around the house
  2. Check in on the “what are you spinning right now” thread on these fora now and again.
  3. Switch from my library to Roon/Tidal and listen to an artist I like in Artist Shuffle or “Radio” mode.
  4. Check out Tidal Play Lists.

…then buy the new-found stuff and transfer it to my digital library.


I only listen to one radio station and that is Radio Caroline. It now streams in North America in US Eastern and Pacific standard times. In the UK they are rolling out digital in major cities but I stream from online and also have the iphone app. Great music old and new and not too much talking. I have dicovered many bands both old and new on here.

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+1 for RadioParadise! They even have FLAC streams now.

KEXP on Youtube or their website - lots of great new and old artists.

Soundcloud in a web browser occupies my recent listening time.

Seconding Spotify. Their Discover playlist has been great for bringing me new content. I typically find a few artists worth investigating each week they update my Discover.

NPR Tiny Desk Concerts are another good one.

Also, just asking the other nerds working here at PS tends to turn up interesting stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

When I buy I buy CDs or SACDs. Almost always I buy through Amazon as I have Prime and really enjoy fast delivery and no extra cost for shipping single CDs.

For more than a few years I was networked into music servers with five radio station libraries available at a button push. I prefer to listen to whole CDs. Or SACDs.

When I order I also look at what others who bought this one also bought.
I look at reviews in the mags too.

Once I get a disc I listen and if it doesn’t connect, it goes into a stack of rejects. If it sucks sonically, reject. If I just don’t care for the music, reject.

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