Do you enjoy listening at late night levels?

Right now listening at avg 58 db, max 62 and it sounds scrumptious, The detail never seems to go away. I love it as much as say, 80 db. Everything is still there proportionally.


I’m currently listening at an average of 53 with a max of 59 – this is what I would call my normal listening levels.

When an album or track that I really like comes on, I sometimes turn up the volume to an average of 60db with peaks of about 68.

My listening room is far enough away from the bedrooms that I rarely use lower listening levels, but on occasion I do turn it down to an average of 44 with peaks of about 52.

The only thing I miss at the lower volume levels is that the bass doesn’t get up to high enough levels to really provide the punch like it does at the higher volume levels.


Every night I enjoy late night listening. The DSD Sr. Is usually set at a comfortable 60 (L). Driving my M700s.


I can’t explain why, but I’d much rather listen at low late night levels thru my speakers than listen at any volume thru my headphones. (And I love my headphones)


This is a great question.

Late at night, I tend to listen to music at lower levels but, if I’m consuming video content (different rooms), I don’t hold back. My 5.1 theater setup is unremarkable but in a really nice sounding room. My 2 channel system is in a horrendously terrible room.

Hey guys, with a pianissimo beginning to be noticeably audible from around 40dB you then practically use less than half of vinyl‘s typical dynamic range :wink:

Whenever it’s possible, fortissimos reach between 90 up to 100 dB in my listening (peaks). I like quite realistic levels. Fun records like Hugh Masekela‘s Hope play over 90dB for large parts here :sunglasses:


generally listen at the levels you
describe in the OP or less almost all of the time.
small non-detached houses and rooms, but also it is easier on my ears, and less tinnitus inducing. Also means my AB amps spend their time in A :slight_smile:


At those levels, we’re surely listening at milliwatts

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how y’all measuring yer dbs

I use a HT-80A sound level meter

thanks. Just looked around and there’s a vast price difference for many of these. Like between $20 and $400. Crazy.

Was thinking there might be an iOS app that reads levels from the phone’s microphone, but reviews of many of those suggest they’re wildly accurate/inconsistent.

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I’m sure I didn’t pay no more than 12 to 15 bucks for mine, I use mine just out of curiosity to give me some sort of baseline what level I like. Vinyl around 55 to 60 db and digital around 70 to 75 db.

Night listening at 50-65 db sound is very complete and easy on the ears…
as measured using an American Recorders sound level meter…

Keeping my neighbors (just 13’ from listening position) at peace is priority for


RonP thanks for this thread…fortunately for me my Emotiva XSP1 Gen 2 preamp has
a defeatable tone control…which when I turn it on particularly at lower sound levels
the sound stage just opens right up…hf and lf left at trim neutral setting

The way the tone control adjustments are designed…

High-Frequency and Low-Frequency Trims:
HF Trim inflection point: 4 kHz.
HF Trim adjustment range: -3 dB to +3 dB @ 12 kHz in 1 dB steps.
LF Trim inflection point: 200 Hz.
LF Trim adjustment range: -3 dB to +3 dB @ 50 Hz in 1 dB steps.

have minimal impact on the overall response…yet do provide sufficient
adjustment …

Needless to say I enjoy using them…


I use an iPhone app “SLA lite”. I don’t know or particularly care about it’s accuracy but it’s very repeatable.

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I enjoy late night levels, usually around 70 to 75 dB.

Interesting topic. I don’t really enjoy anything over 85db and evening listening would be mid to low 60’s.
And yes I do enjoy night lower levels

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Decibel X app on Android. I’m too lazy to break out my Radio Shack Decibel meter from the 90’s.

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Living in a high rise, day or night I don’t have the option of really cranking my system lest I spark a squabble with my neighbors I share walls, a ceiling and a floor with. That said I have a particularly interesting observation perhaps to some. As I’ve gotten older the volume control in general has been turned down, not up. Might seem counter-intuitive when one might think turning up to compensate for hearing loss would be the norm. Fortunately, at 61 years old I’m blessed with hearing that is still rather good for my age. I’ve cogitated about this trend over the years and I postulate it has to with a more mature approach to listening and enjoying music. For me nowadays it is less about bombast, my system can out-bombast anyone else’s in the building I have no doubt, and a lot more about nuance. Late night listening at low volume is a real treat for me because it is that time of the day when I’m least assaulted by the sound of the big city, from ordinary street noise to sirens to helicopters to you name it. I can immerse myself in the nuance I value most.


Right on my friend…great observation…keep the peace with as many as possible and above all
preserving your “golden ears” ability to enjoy your music all while enjoyng your music…