Do You Have a Turntable?

Turntable no one’s ever heard of, designed and fabricated by a precision engineering company in Yorkshire (where tea comes from), the plinth is a single piece of aluminium housing two Linn motors with electronic speed control, using Rega belts and a massively over-engineered bearing. The deck is cut from Acetal. The arm mounts are custom fabricated to the arm length with Rega mounts. The right hand arm is a 12" Origin Live Illustrious Mk3 dual pivot silver wired with a Koetsu Urushi, currently going via the Vertere MC phono amp. The other arm is a 12" Jelco TK-850L fitted with an Origin Live Aladdin Mk2, which is a rebranded Soundsmith Zephyr Mk3, going into my Devialet using the internal phono amp. A Townshend Podium provides isolation.

A video showing some of the in-house design

And the manufacturing facilities that any audio manufacturer would dream of.


Shoddy… :flushed:

The 121 with that plinth is a beauty!

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Vinyl is always in heavy rotation in the owlsalum household. Sure I have a pretty darned good digital front end as well, but music the SOTA/SME/Sumiko way still checks all the boxes for me. Pretty sad SME is out of the tonearm business now, but as long as I can still get parts I’m set indefinitely. The good folks at SOTA continue to support every TT the company has ever made, so I’m in no hurry to upgrade to anything else. That might a first for me.


Sweet tt, very nice

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I really like the plinth.


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Yes, owlsalum, the SOTA is a classic. My SOTA Star Sapphire is an original from 1986…with cocobolo wood base…with recently upgraded with SOTA central parts. Darren Myers (great engineer!) helped me upgrade the motor/drive unit to the latest from SOTA support along with the current vacuum and electronics unit. I have the original Sumiko MDC 800 “The Arm”. Still running the Grace F9 cart but with Soundsmith sapphire cantilever/contact line stylus.


Old school stuff, love it. I just couldn’t afford the SOTA back in the day, but I’m still using my Sumiko Saphire.

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To be more exact, the Sumiko Talisman Saphire.

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The results so far actually surprised me a little. I thought the percentage of those who DO NOT own a turntable were going to be higher. However, this is silly now that I think about it because PSA offers a very diverse product line. Maybe more diverse than most especially now that speakers are on the way.

Keep in mind there are many who did not respond, a good percentage of these likely do not find turntables of any interest.


Good point.

I do not own a turntable and have not since 1995 but couldn’t help myself in creating a poll.

When I really want to lay back and enjoy the music, I put a record on the turntable. The sound is so natural and real. Until my digital come close to this level of performance, vinyl is my preferred format.


I don’t know what it’s got to do with PS Audio products. All you need to get started with a turntable is about $400 and a RCA line input.

Vintage Kuzma Stabi/Stogie. The SPP has reignited my interest in my vinyl collection. Thank you PS Audio!


Swapped the stock feet on my TT for a set of IsoAcoustics Orea.

Know a lot of guys here use these under their PSA kit, and based on the improvements I’m getting with the turntable they’ll be going under the Dac and Pre as well.
Fantastic things.

Is that an RP-10? I have an RP-10. :slight_smile:
What model number did you use?

It’s the new Planar 10 I have.

Orea Graphite - a perfect fit!

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Are those the bronze oreas?

Do the feet just unscrew? I have a P8 with SS zephyr MIMC star.

How did it change the sound?

Oracle Delphi Mk5 with SME345 arm and Ortofon A95