Does a Chromecast audio dongle effectively make the Sprout100 "Roon ready"?

Currently have one Mac Mini as the Roon Core, and a second Mac Mini as a Roon Bridge (its only role). Both are wired into our ethernet network at home.

(FYI - I have a couple spare retired Mini’s from work, so it’s no big deal to use them for this.)

Anyway… I wonder if it’s overkill, and could just use a $15-20 Chromecast audio dongle as the Roon output to the Sprout100.

It supports 24/96 audio, and it has an optical/toslink digital output.

Yes, I recently bought two for this same purpose. Roon just started supporting them as an endpoint a couple months ago. I haven’t installed them yet but they were $15 each; super cheap for 24/96 streaming capability. They will eventually replace a couple of ancient Airport Express devices. I still use iTunes from time to time which is putting a wrinkle in my plans. I need to look at a couple ways to make the Chromecast dongle show up as an airplay device.

The only caveat right now is that the optical output has dropouts with 24/96 content (and in some cases also 24/88.2). This will hopefully get fixed, but it’s been like that for a few months. Other than that, it works very well and is the perfect pairing with the Sprout (and also my SGCD/S300 setup).

Don’t expect Google to support AirPlay, though! Not going to happen.


Does anything depend on quality of toslink cable?

Micro USB jack is only for power, right?

Micro-USB is only power, yes. I don’t see how the TOSLink cable can make a difference, especially since there is no electrical connection between the CCA and your DAC. I got a FosPower one from Amazon and it’s working perfectly.

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Picked up a Chromecast Audio dongle. Seems to work great.

One thing of note: You need to turn the volume for the Chromecast to 100% to get Lossless audio.

I think the limit for the CC is 96kHz; haven’t tried to stream a 192kHz MQA FLAC yet.

I have this CC in our main listening area, with wired Ethernet, powered by a NAD 7050 Amplifier. Not an audiophile situation, but it sounds good. The NAD supports Airplay, which isn’t lossless, but I don’t think I’d hear much of a difference. So I’m thinking of trying it in my office, where the Sprout100 is, to replace the Mac Mini Bridge. (Seems crazy to run a second Mini just for the bridge.)

tried it with a 192kHz file, and seems to work just fine. (Tidal MQA FLAC)

aaaaaannnnd just now seeing that Google is discontinuing CC Audio. $15 now ($20 off), so get em while they’re hot.