Google killed the Chromecast Audio

Production has stopped, so, if you want one, grab it now while supplies last.

Google destroyed the internet too

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It was inevitable.

I bought two recently at $15 each, plus a Toslink out for one (into a Wadia PowerDAC 151) and RCA out for the other (into an Adcom GFA-535 for outdoor speakers). $60 total and they replaced two Apple Airport Express units which were $200 each way back when. The Airports were highly unreliable (seemed like they needed resetting between every use) and very limited in capabilities even when they were working properly (limited sample rate, liked iTunes only). I’m very happy with the purchase!

That’s the way of large corporations. Put out a product people love that works really well. And then kill it with extreme prejudice.

The ROI is too low.

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Won’t be missing it much. Specially when this can stream just about anything. And it sounds great attached to Sprout or others. Have 3 units and no issue.

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