Where to buy Chromecast audio adaptors?


I could not find this answer in previous posts. My apologies if it has been answered. I cannot find an adapter that will link the Chromecast 3.5 mm plug to either the USB or toslink input on my Sprout. Can anyone share a source with me? Many thanks!


As long as it’s a Chromecast Audio - the original.


The 3.5 mm plug doubles as a mini toslink port. All you need is a mini toslink cable as posted above.


I’m sorry - I have the original Sprout. Not the Sprout100


I meant the original ChromeCast Audio, as it’s 3.5mm is both analog and mini-toslink.

The newer ChromeCast I believe only have HDMI.

Either Sprout will accept the Toslink signal.


I believe the original Sprout had a co-ax input but not Toslink. You can get a Toslink to co-ax SPDIF adaptor on Amazon for a few bucks.



Now that will work. Thank you!


Happy to help! I have this adapter and it works well, and from a reputable brand.


You will still need a co-ax to Toslink adaptor if you are using an original Sprout, which only has c0-ax and USB digital inputs.