Does cable burn in, need, both energised source and receiver?

First topic I’ve started (bin Lurking for a while - love the forum) , I would appreciate a little advice/thoughts
I have just upgraded my HDMI cable from Audioquest Carbon to Thunderbird, this between source (Mac/AudioGD DDC) and Directstream Mk 1 DAC. At the same time upgraded the XLR cable (to Cardas Golden Cross) from Directstream to pre-amp (Modwright 36.5). I wish to accelerate burn in by leaving the system running for 24 hours a day. BUT does the pre-amp have to be powered up ? OR will a signal still flow from the Mac through the Directstream to the Pre-amp if the pre-amp is powered down.
The reason ? Just to save some tube time on the pre. ( which could be 200 - 500 hours for Thunderbird burn, Golden Cross some say 1000 hrs )

The preamp does not have to be turned on.

Thanks, that is what I hoped. May I ask - Is that because the signal flows despite not being amplified at the end of the chain ?

Yes, signal will still flow from the previous components in the chain to the input of the preamp.

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The reason signal flows is because, off or on, the preamp still looks like a load to the source. The answer would be signal does not flow if the inputs were disconnected via relays when the preamp is powered off. Most if not all preamps mute (disconnect) the preamp output to the amp when powered down, but I have not encountered a preamp that disconnects the inputs. A bit of physics based elaboration that hopefully is educational.

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Yes, makes sense thank you @owlsalum much appreciated