Does JRiver Pop like Roon?

I used Roon for a couple weeks on a trial basis. It sounded a bit better than the MControl if I used the upsampling to DSD.

I am using the Directstream senior and a macbook pro from 2015.

I was happy with the sound and the interface, BUT the POPS.


I combed the forums and tried every suggestion I could find including but not limited to using a 5000 MS delay on the sync setting.

Nothing helped.

My question is… Does JRiver have the same issue with the pops?

Anyone that had the pops with Roon but discovered that Jriver did not produce the pops?

Thank you


Are you using the Bridge II?

Can you describe your setup? I run roon on a dedicated nuc and use my laptop to control it remotely. So everything needs to go through Ethernet to the router in my office. If i open Chrome whilst I am using roon remote then I get short occasional dropouts. Switch off chrome and things get a lot better. I remember too that I originally had an Ethernet switch in my setup that I replaced that also good rid of a massive amount of dropouts. Roon relies heavily on your your network and traffic back and forth from your router if you are using a core and a separate remote. A dedicated core is the optimum solution which is why roon brought out the roon Rock operating system which I use on an Intel nuc.
I think jriver has a 30 day trial so I’d give it a go too. I assume you’d be using the server part of the program. I own jriver 23 and I’ve experimented with the server and it works well but that’s on my home setup where the server and the router are physically connected adjacent to each other. Best thing is to try the trial. At least if you get dropouts with jriver as a server then you’ll identify an issue in your network as the culprit.
Hope that rambling response helps.

Yes I am

I am using a macbook to bridge II with nothing else running, and I am not using a remote. I have never had a drop out, just audible pops

There are reports on this forum about the Bridge II “popping” with Roon. It should be fixed with the bridge new firmware. You could wait for the official release or ask PSAudio for the beta version. In this case, the installation will require a Windows computer be connected to the ds dac via USB. Hope it helps

It has been an issue for years, with a fix in the works for years.

The Bridge isn’t so great to begin with. Truck on over to the Matrix thread, and add HQPlayer to Roon and you’ll never think twice about the Bridge again…

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Thanks guys.

Well as an update…I already cancelled roon. I down loaded audiarvana…1st it didnt give me an option to upsample to DSD, it was shaded out…I downloaded it so might as well try it…It played one track from tidal, after that it either stalls at “loading first track” or with visually show the track moving through the dog run in the playing graphic but no sound.

Im about done with this crap. I guess I will just stick to Mconnect and Bubble both of which blow.

I will contact psaudio about the beta bridge fix…beyond that Im finished…

Another peeve… there seems to be no way to contact Audiarvana, just “go to the Forum” . worthless.

very frustrated


Thanks I will contact psa

I searched “Matrix Thread” just found a blockchain company in Australia called such.

Can you paste a link to the whatever you are talking about…is it a thread on the PSA Forum?

Thank you


Yes, start with the first post by Tim as the most relevant information for you is in the beginning of the 2000+ posts…

And don’t forget there are other options out there is the XMOS world. Singxer make the SU1 and SU6 and Sonore make a converter too.
I was using BridgeII on my Direct Stream Junior and ended up going to an XMOS SU1 via USB then into my DSJ via I2S (HDMI). I’ve since upgraded to a DirectStream and a Sinxger SU6.

Roon is another game for library managing and music discovery. I myself migrated from the good and functional Bubble to Roon.

If you are taking the Matrix route, I have been there also. Better SQ than the Bridge, but steeper in price. You have to fix your usb source (I used an UltraRendu and later on a SOtM usb card). and use a lps. Not mentioning the dreaded cables…

Sighhhhhh…jeez…will this ever end? I just wanna be a cowboy…

I will do some research

Thanx guys

So ill 1st search " matrix bridge II" in psa forum

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Can anyone address the OP’s question?

I guess you have to draw the line at some point of time. I have been continuously failing to do so myself…

… :-o .uh hmm.

Hi @tonydennison,

For what it’s worth, I have DS Sr. and don’t get pops on Roon or JRiver. I’m running the latest Bridge II firmware and Snowmass 3.04.

Sure. Jplayer in MY setup did not have any pops or glitches.