Hdmi to i2s

Hi everyone! I have a SACD player with HDMI output and I would like to extract the dsd file to send it to my DAC with I2S input. Is it possible to modify the HDMI cable or do I need an electronic board? Thank you!


If your HDMI output is for TV connection then you will need an active adaptor and not a modified cable to connect to a DAC’s I2S input. I got one for my Oppo 105 from eBay that works well with my DS DAC.

I2s is carried over an HDMI cable. This does not mean an HDMI output is an i2s output. It isn’t.

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so what type of signal is the signal that comes out of my sacd player on hdmi?

where did you buy this active adapter?

This is the one I purchase on eBay. HDMI/MHL To I2S IIS HDMI IIS I2S Dual-Mode Digital Audio I2S/Optical/DSD/Coaxial | eBay

You need to solder a jumper to switch channels (OP1 in the picture.)

Ok thanks!
The i2s out Is standard for each DAC?
My Is Gustard x16.

I2S over HDMI is a protocol started by PS Audio but it is not a standard and I2S in your DAC is an input. Many DACs have settings to adjust the pin assignment so you may not need the jumper. Check your DAC manual.

The problem you have is what will decode the dsd signal, I believe psa are the only people that can legally do it from an external port by using their proprietary transport and dac interlock/interface. Just because a bluray player has an hdmi port it won’t send dsd to it.

If you have a oppo 105 or certain Sony (old) players you can upload some script that can export the sacd iso file across a network, which you can then convert to .dsf file using a conversion program on a pc.

Edit: corrected wrong oppo model number

Chris, that is not correct. I am using an Oppo ODP-105->HDMI/I2S Convertor->DS DAC and it works perfectly. Now many other DACs are being equiped with HDMI I2S inputs such as Denafrips and Gustard which can also work just fine preserving the DSD chain.

Hi, yes, I had miss-remembered the oppo model number and have now corrected that. Thanks

What kind of converter HDMI -I2S do you use?

I too would like to know which converter you are using please.

Genodave, gthiel, an eBay link to it is in my earlier reply.

I realized the OP1 jumper too. I got around by reprogramming my DX 7 pro I2S setting to switch the L and R channel. It works perfectly when my Sony 800M2 is set up “auto” when playing CD, but when it plays DSD. I have 2.8MHz and music on my DAC but with a lot continuous static when DSD is playing. The static level get lower when I connect by HDMI 1 from the Sony to the my TV (monitor), and sometimes when I wriggle the HDMI cables. The same happens if I switch from the Sony to my Oppo 83 SE. It makes me think that there are grounding issues between the BD player, Extractor and the DAC. Before I start soldering any thinking on these boxes, I wonder if you and other have any similar experience, advice or solutions? Thanks in advance!

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My DAC can output either differential I2S via HDMI or single-end via solder pad or an external 5-pin connector. I wonder if I try to rig my own “single-end” HDMI cable would help.

“Output” or “Input”? Not sure I am familiar with DACs that have digital outputs.


Sorry, I meant my audio extractor can output I2S via HDMI in differential mode and single-end on the 6 pin connector.

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My DX 7 is based on an ES9038pro chip and this seller pointed out the incompatibility. I wonder what is special about ES9038 that cause the problem?