Does my P5 Power Plant reduce noise?

The Shunyata Research Denali power conditioner claims to reduce noise to an astounding – 60dB at using 1 mHzmedical-grade filters. Does my P5 Power Plant reduce noise?

Sort of, the noise suppression where we care isn’t spec’ed:


CCI outlet-outlet

> 60db (500 kHz – 10 MHz)

> 24db (100 kHz – 30 MHz)

Inlet to Z1 or Z2

> 25db (500 kHz – 30 MHz)

Inlet to Z3 (HC)

> 15db (100 kHz – 30 MHz)

On the other hand the Power Plants often get the power to a sine wave within 0.1% which is 60dB down from the output level at 60Hz.

They really are two separate functions optimized to do two separate things.

Don’t get me wrong, noise at 1MHz can be a problem in a system, but so can having a higher output impedance because you are filtering the power instead of regenerating it.