Pairing a P5 with Noise Harvester

I’m currently saving to add a P5 to my system. In the meantime, I’m thinking of adding a Noise Harvester to my current setup. I don’t doubt that it will provide some sonic benefits. What I’m curious about is how or if it might impact my sound after I add the P5. Would there be any benefits expected? Does anyone have this pairing in their current system?

I would think that by regenerating the power, there wouldn’t be a need for Harvesters.


I find Noise Harvesters plugged into the wall on the same circuit as a PowerPlant improves the sound. Similarly, a good power cord for the PowerPlant helps.

Anything one can do to feed the PowerPlant better power results in an improvement. Keep in the mind the improvement from the Noise Harvesters is small in comparison to the Power Plant.


Thanks Elk. I’ve been enjoying these forums for months, just purchased a Directstream DAC and love it.

Why would it matter what kind of power is supplied into the P5 if the power is regenerated into a perfect sine wave? I would think that you could plug a harvester into the back of the P5 and it wouldn’t blink. Am I misunderstanding something about the role of the P5 and Harvester?

I don’t mean to be argumentative, just curious from an engineering standpoint.

If the output power were perfect from a P5 then there’d be no need for a P10 or P20 :slight_smile:

In reality nothing is perfect. There are limits to what any power conditioner can do.

One of the pain in the neck things in audio systems is high frequency noise. It can creep into any component and be “received” like a radio (think crystal radio.) What makes it hard to deal with is that it’s transmitted by parasitic capacitance across almost any component: It “rides on the top” over transformers, capacitors, inductors, resistors, even just the printed circuit board.

The best thing to do to cope with high frequency noise is to not generate it at all. Keep PC’s away from audio systems. For that matter keep cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, light dimmers, anything with a computer … away from audio systems. Obviously we still need to live with our systems, but life gets noisier and noisier and there’s more and more crap in the power (and other cables in our audio systems) all of the time.

Power conditioners can mostly deal with low frequency noise, but they can’t really fix radiated noise and conducted high frequency noise is hard to control always.

The Noise Harvesters get rid of a little of the conducted high frequency noise. They are far from perfect (nothing could be perfect for their job), but cheaper than a lot of other things you might do to cleanup power lines and they can help a little with some of the noise that’s hard to get rid of other ways.

djwalter2000 said Why would it matter what kind of power is supplied into the P5 if the power is regenerated into a perfect sine wave?
A PowerPlant can only do so much. It is amazing what they do accomplish, but if one zooms in on the wave it is not quite perfect.

BTW. plugging Noise Harvesters into a PowerPlant does not help anything.

Thanks guys. Really appreciate the follow up.

Please provide us with a follow up as you add to your system.