Does Oppomod I2S(for a 203) work with Stellar Gain DAC, and is it worth it?

I just got my Stellar Gain DAC and have it connected to my Oppo 203 via a 6 foot coaxial cable. I also just learned about the Oppomod card that will allow the Oppo to output DSD over an HDMI cable. I perused the threads here about using Oppomod, but most threads discuss other PS Audio DACs, not the GCD. So, I have a few questions:

  1. Does anybody know if the Oppomod board works as well with the GCD as with the higher end DACs?

  2. I’m not handy with hands-on tech work, and do not want to void the warranty on my 203, so is there a company that installs the Oppomod board? And how much does that cost?

  3. Does the Oppomod improve the quality of CD playback, as well as SACD? I have a good number of SACD discs, but a lot more CDs.

  4. Is there an Oppomod board for an Oppo BDP-83(I have one in my bedroom system)?

Thanks for any input.

Have a DS not a Stellar I use with my Oppo 203, but hopefully ai cna be of some help. :slight_smile:

  1. Dont know, sorry!

  2. Fitting the Oppomod i2s card WOULD void your warranty, as you need to cut a gap in the metalwork back of your 203 to fit the card.

3.CD payback was the biggest i,provement I noticed, dont have any SACDs to try
(Channel placement is fine btw with CDs, no mixing left and right)

  1. 103 and 203 only Im afraid.