Does the PST use a D&M optical drive?

Denon/Marantz, that is. If so, they have announced they are ceasing production of this SACD capable optical drive as of July.は外販用sacd-cdメカニズ/


Yes according to the forum - what else is there for 3rd parties?

Bound to happen, as streaming appears to be the preference going forward. Especially with Hi-Rez downloads offering compeling sound and convenience.

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Hopefully PS Audio put in a monster order to build up their stock for future uses.

Reminds me of a tune I used to come across on public TV:

They don’t make it anymore
They closed the plant after the second world war
I don’t know what you’d use it for
But they don’t make it anymore…


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Stream Unlimited JPL-2800 Silver Strike CD and SACD

Well, that’s disappointing …. At least they gave forewarning and the opportunity for one last order unlike Oppo.

I wonder how many drives D&M will make during this last run? Enough to fuel the SACD player market for a decade or more?

Indeed, we have to place our last order (and they doubled the price of the mechanisms to boot!). We will make a big buy to make sure we have ample stocks for warranty and new production. As mentioned here, it was only a matter of time since physical discs are going out of fashion.


Noooo! Does this mean there will be a big increase in the price of the PST in the future?

Hopefully not.


I’m naive about this sector - how many manufacturers exist who make CD only drives or is D&M the only game in town?