Dreams related to audio

Tell us about dreams you’ve had that were explicitly related to audio, and maybe even interpret them.

-A friend of mine picked out the vinyl Herbert - Part One, a really fine-tuned, clean, punchy record. He said to me confidently “Now let’s see what MOSFETs sound like!”
(Yes, why not. This is a good benchmark for good MOSFET amps.)

-A dream about a post on this forum, the title was something like “Who’s enjoying the new (insert brand-name) flagship series cables?”, and a person named Katy Kimber answered (I think that’s supposed to be Kimber cable’s CEO’s spouse) and said they’re enjoying them very much at their listening room in some naval base and that they are absolutely SAFE there!
There was an oil painting -esque image of her and Edwin Rynweld from Siltech sitting at a glamorously decorated listening room. I think the oil painting effect was to portray how people pay for Siltech cabling to get a kind of Mona Lisa type of hue to the soundscape so to speak, instead of pure accuracy.

Man you been eating too much cheese!
I do dream quite vividly most mornings, but never (so far) about audiophile stuff - it’s usually associated with whatever conflicts and dilemmas are racing around my head that day, and I am never conflicted about audio matters :slight_smile:


I don’t it’s the cheese, my brain is a great movie director. Sometimes eerily good, and twisted.
Sometimes I end up predicting so much stuff through symbols in dreams that I get a bit scared my brain can actually read the future. Hope not.

Maybe try more cheese then :slight_smile:
None if that goats cheese rubbish though, that’s deeply wrong…

Also - here’s some fuel for you: it may be A future you see, but not necessarily your future, but a parallel one :wink:


Ah, yes. A parallel one, but they do seem to leak.
In the same dream about PS forum, my username was switchable between “jaker” and “breather”, somehow conditionally.
Next day, my asthma was just gone for a good while.

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C’mon guys don’t you dream about your precious obsession?

Wishing you good health. What was your asthma induced by?

Talking of dreams, I sleep less than six hours each day, so I hardly remember my dreams. Last time was a few days back, and I dreamt that I was robbed on a train in an unfamiliar country! :grimacing:

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Thanks. My asthma is a bit of a mystery, I can blow good numbers into a peak flow meter. I think it’s a neurological condition, my nervous system is a bit f’d up.

I recommend taking a max recommended daily dose of well absorbed zinc, some time before bedtime (with vitamin C). It will improve sleep quality and improve vividity of dreams, and I feel it makes dreams more pleasant overall. It’s also helped me overcome morning anxiety!
Melatonin is terrible. Nightmares and depression…

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Thanks for the recommendation. Stay well.

Agreed melatonin is not the panacea for sleep problems some think it is…