Help Requested - Integrated Dreaming

I suppose thoughts to ones mortality comes to us all at different times and different ways. I’ve been blessed beyond description and pulling the wagon for many years. Until recently I didn’t give much thought to “downsizing” especially in the audio system department. Until recently.

Like many I have a pre, DirectStream Sr. DAC, mono block amps, P10 regenerator and a host of peripherals that may or may not go through the DAC and then there is of course the TV audio.\

Recently one morning during the holidays and after breakfast whilst minds and ears were crisp, I asked my audiophile partner and wife of 4-decades to turn on “the system” and play a disc from the night before.

I did sort of set it up with the DAC volume at 10 and the pre in the wrong place for a plug and play. I waited to see what would happen. 45-minutes, 3-cups of coffee and threats of a divorce later, I realized that without question I had not done my job of technical onboarding during those 4-decades and that something would need to change.

This change involves selling out the farm, the RV, the tractor (and implements), the 3,000 sq. ft golf frontage home and nearly a half century of “stuff” accumulation. We are ready for the villa or maybe the patio home but Thank God, not the old farts home! My son’s want none of the cool stuff I have accumulated. If this sounds familiar to any of you please PM me so that we can begin conversation.

Down to the point of this bleeding my heart out is a request for guidance for my specific needs or wish list. I am looking for a single chassis integrated solution that includes streaming and a host of inputs for audio. 2-channel stereo only. Must have streaming antenna, optical, SPDIF, HDMI and analog stereo inputs. Must be simple turn on, select input and hit GO LIKE HELL!

So far, a single entity has presented itself and I am ok to go with it.

This looks to be my solution.

Why have none of the component manufacturers addressed this?

Now I have to list my system (pre and amps) and very special hand built pair of Legacy Whisper speakers… Sad but reality.

Thank you for suggestions.


Over the holiday break I visited one of our local hifi dealers and heard this:

I was very impressed. If I was looking right now, the T+A you posted would be in the running along with this Mc.

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If you want Class A power, there’s the Esoteric F-03A.

Also the Gryphon Diablo, Boulder 866 and the Hegel 590 could fit the bill but T+A does make great gear though with recent increases very expensive compared to other contenders.


BACCH-SP adio with active speakers and any streamer.
The basic machine will do nicely, no options needed.
Your gear would sell for more than half the cost of the BACCH.

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Hi Bob,
We are all getting to that point sooner than later. I look at the pile of high end equipment that I have bought over the last 4 years and wonder.
It is really cool to have all of that stuff but my wife wouldn’t know how to turn any of it on let alone play music. No one else in my immediate circle would know how to make it work either.

I thought about putting everything from one system in a pile in the middle of the floor and offering it for free to the first one who could get it back to together and making music but I am afraid it would still be sitting in the same pile after the exercise and I would still own it.

I don’t think you could go wrong with the T+A machine (especially knowing Mr. Schultz), a set of LS50’s and a set of SVS1000 mini subs.

Let us know how it goes!



Thank you all for the suggestions and to Vern for empathizing! Grateful!

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I sold off my speaker system and use only the RAAL SR1A headphones. They look quite different, but they are like having a small pair of Magnepans hanging beside your ears. They are better sounding than any speaker system that I have ever owned which included Sonus Faber Elipsa SE and Magico S1Mk2. The detail retrieval is absolutely amazing which is not surprising given the ribbon speakers are beside your ears. The comfort level is off the charts especially since they do not touch your ears. I being retired listen for 5-8 hours practically every day. The other part of the system is a Boulder 866 with the absolutely outstanding internal dac which beat out my Rockna Wavedream Signature Balanced dac. The Boulder is a Roon endpoint with streaming. You don’t even need interconnects. All that you need is the 866 with internal dac, speaker cables, RAAL impedance box, and the SR1A headphones. So, if it comes time to go to the old folk’s home, the system can go with you! Once again, the sound is stunning!



A couple of other things that I forgot to mention. While the Boulder 866 is expensive, it is less than the Rockna Wavedream Signature Balanced dac which I sold. And another very important issue that I failed to mention is that with the SR1A-Boulder setup is that the room no longer matters. My wife also likes the RAAL system better as well given that she has tinnitus and prefers not to hear most of the music which I like.