Windows 10, PSAudio USB driver, Fidelizer, Jriver


I’m using a PC with Jriver 21 under Win 8.1 and the PSAudio USB driver (no bridge) with the DirectStream.

WindowsX from Fidelizer is saying that the Fidelizer is even most efficient under Windows 10 than with other versions.

Firstly, I’m wondering if the ASIO USB driver provided by PSAudio is compatible with Windows 10?

Secondly, does anyone experienced any improvement with Windows 10?

Thanks :)

Driver works fine with Win 10 for me, as does JRiver 21. I have not tried Fidelizer but others will chime in, I do think that some have praised it here.

I should mention one thing: I did have to uninstall and reinstall JRiver when i upgraded from Win 7 to 10. Not sure if this will happen if you upgrade from 8.1, but it only takes a few minutes of course.

Thumbs up from me on Fidelizer. I use Pro with Win 8.1 and am very happy as it seems to work rather seamlessly except that I don’t seem to be able to use minimstreamer to convert DSD on the fly with Fidelizer. To be fair, I haven’t reported this to Keetakawee Punpeng (WindowsX) yet and he is very responsive to fixes. Really give some thought to ordering a Jitterbug and a Regen if you’re going to use USB.

Hi, thanks Bob and Glenn for your valuable answers.

I’ve been not too much accurate in my initial question because I’ve already Fidelizer installed under Windows 8.1, and yes I appreciate it.

Now, with your remarks Bob, I was more confident to do the upgrade and I did it. I got no problem at all, just JRiver to re-install, as you said. Fidelizer seems to run correctly too.

Really surprised how much the upgrade to Windows 10 has been performed easily. My PC has no screen, mouse or keyboard. I use Teamviewer to control it remotely. And the good thing is that during all the process I had no need to connect a screen, Teamviewer was effective.

@wglen, yes I’ll buy asap a jitterbug or 2 (?). I’m more reticent for a Regen because the price…


Pat - I have also done several Win 10 upgrades that way with no problems… I don’t recommend it if you are upgrading a machine that’s physically in a remote location, but if it’s a headless server on-site, there is no risk really in doing it that way.

I would consider the Regen before duplicating the Jitterbug. I can’t promise you anything, but the result with both the Jitterbug and the Regen together is very satisfying. You were very clear in your question. I switched the CPU in my computer and can’t upgrade either Windows or Fidelizer Pro until I put the old one back in. The software sees this as a new computer and will refuse the upgrade. Just offering my experience with Win 8.1 and Fidelizer.

@wglenn: Did you try to contact Fidelizer designer to pickup a new version of your FidelizerPro software according to your new configuration?

You may have to generate the fidelizer.key file again, I guess, but I’m wondering if the Pro license would not allow a (may be few only) change(s) in the PC configuration…

Not yet. I am going to switch the CPU back in to that computer and build another based upon the one that is in there now using a better motherboard. Keetakawee and I keep in touch and I’ll probably buy another copy of Fidelizer Pro when I get that unit up and running.

Regen rules and is much more of an improvement over the jitter bug. But the jitter bug seems to help devices that I just do not understand why. If I insert a jitter bug in my main board usb and use my audio grade usb card to the ds dac it does make small changes. It’s just crazy. The ds dac does love the regen more than the jitter bug.

On a side note the regen does not better all dacs

also using a music server still gets improvment using the regen too.

This hobby is getting closer to understanding really hi grade audio playback with Cheaper prices.

Just look at the great sound we get from a ds dac and a regen from even a laptop

lastly as my posting stinks and I laugh even when I try to be consistent , it’s just not here. On one of the other forums one person thought I was optically disabled and not born here lol.

right after that post a fight broke out on both sides some for me some against me. soon as others who know me said I just do not read before I post. Funny to read

enjoy the holidays and stay safe