DS Balance

Does anyone know the decibel difference between the numerical values on the balance control on the DS?

Say for instance… 97 left and 100 right.


Both the balance and the volume are in 1/2 dB units. E.g. 94 is 3dB below 100, 97 is 1 1/2 dB below 100

Ted,another question. Is there any db variance in the right and left channel if the balance settings are on the same exact numbers? Is the DS designed to be dead nuts spot on in db’s,one channel,to the other?

They are precise. They are translated into a 20 bit linear multipliers for the left and right signals in the FPGA. In fact in the control processor code the volume is represented as independent left and right volumes. The balance control just operates on one of them and the volume control does the same thing to both.

Thanks very much Ted,very informative and nice to know…