Balance control

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate the balance control feature on my DS DAC? This is a feature that one just doesn’t want in an analog preamp because it tends to degrade the sound. As a result, I once obtained a two-box (monoblocks) preamp so I could have separate volume controls for each channel… and this solution was good but expensive. But the DS DAC balance control is the ultimate solution for me.

With my chair properly centered, I rarely need to alter the balance. But I find that certain recordings call for balancing in order to dial in the center image. And sometimes a guest who has hearing loss in one ear appreciates that feature when they occupy the royal listening chair.

So, thanks PS Audio :slight_smile:

Because I’ve been a swimmer all my life, I have a bony growth in my left ear canal that slightly reduces my hearing acuity. The DSJ Balance Control is the perfect solution for me. By tilting the sound to the left by 1-2 DB, it goes a long way toward restoring sonic balance to me. I really appreciate that.