DS DAC - Need 2 Coaxial & 2 Optical Inputs

Have a need for more than 1 coaxial & 1 optical input. What, if any, are viable options such as splitters etc. Any help, guidance would be much appreciated.


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Hopefully, someone familiar with the kit you seek will chime in soon.


There are RCA to XLR adapters, which can let you use the XLR input. It takes some (minor) CPU processing to convert S/PDIF, AES3, TOSLink to use the other DS inputs so there’s no cheap solution there. If you don’t mind having to use a switch outside of the DS I’m sure you can find selector switches with more than one RCA input, perhaps with a remote ( Amazon.com : rca switcher) Look for ones that switch video or digital not the ones just built for audio.

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Great idea, An appropriate splitter / selector switch for say 2 or 3 digital coaxial inputs [as opposed to TOSLink] seems like the most cost effective solution


An optical splitter?

Also this does both optical / RCA (up to 7 inputs):