Additional optical digital input for Gain cell DAC

I have a Gain Cell DAC and am using the only optical input. Now I need another. Is there a solution?

This is an example of a two to one switch that’s available in the UK. I’m sure you can get something similar in your country.

LINDY 2 Way TosLink Digital Optical Audio Switch : Electronics & Photo


Obviously a simple switch which reroutes could work quite well. It may however be possible to get active units with fancy clocking.

There are many choices on Amazon in the US.

You can try iFi SPDIF iPurifier2. It can accept either coax or tosslink and can output coax or tosslink. Just plug it into the coax input on the back of the stellar, and plug optical into it. An added benefit it reclocks the signal, so if you are not sure about the quality of the digital signal, it might provide some additional benefit.