DS Junior discontinued?


Our aim is to support products for as long as possible, and we almost always make it between 15 to 20 years before we’re no longer able to repair a product. DSJ is no different and we will continue to support it well beyond its warranty.

If 20 years down the road any DSJ owners find themselves unable to get their DSJ repaired, we will offer (like we do now) special generous trade-up credit for going from a current PS product to a new one.

Bricks are no fun - we much prefer people have working stereo gear :grin:


Supplier issues are a problem with all manufacturers. PSA deals with it better than anybody else I know of. Unparalleled support and service.
Even the auto industry has trouble keeping parts available for 10 years without having to go to non OEM suppliers. (Auto-zone, Pep-boys, etc. imported junk)


In the DoD, DMS or “diminishing manufacturing sources” are key areas we plan into all of our weapons systems. Given that we are flying planes that are over 50 years old now, it’s absolutely essential.


Fortunately for everyone the military they can make up the budget as they go along and stock up as much inventory as they estimate the life of the platform will need. That’s a little tougher to fund in a non military setting.


If only that were the case. Trust me. It isn’t.


My bad. I really have no way of knowing about the military budgets only what “they” say and we all know how reliable that info is. I do however know about the auto industry contract lengths with suppliers and flaky auto suppliers in general.


No offense taken. If I were not in the finance side of the Military Industrial Complex I probably would feel similarly. The fights people have within the service balancing funds to priorities would turn your hair white, much less between services. (If it interests you, look up the ‘revolt of the admirals’ for some historical context). There’s a reason it’s called sausage making.


Unfortunately for everyone everything in life including death boils down to the money sooner or later.


Indeed. And when you start talking about weapons that will fly for 50+ years (the F-15 first flew in the early 1970s and the C-130 and B-52 in the 1950s) that tail cost becomes not only bigger than acquisition cost, but grows over time as the planes get older and older. Add in the cost of stealth features and you’re entertaining an entirely new world of hurt. Oh well. Sorry to digress.


You are most certainly correct. I know that the modern warplanes have many (6 or 7 rings a bell) onboard computers that are needed just to keep the thing flying as mere mortals cant fly them any more due to instability. Wait until those boards start to fry.


sad news for me. i’ve used dsj for just a couple of months… if i’d known it would be discontinued so soon, i would wait or just go for the senior.


Just to be clear, the DS Jr. is being discontinued due to key parts no longer available. From what I understand, there will be a future release of the DS Jr. (or whatever they will call it) which is supposed to take the place of the Jr. - made with parts that are currently available. There is no guarantee this new “Jr.” will be any better.

If I owned the Jr., I would not stress over this discontinuation due to its nature. You have a killer DAC!


Trade up!


Why? The DSJ you bought is just as good now as when you purchased it.


I have a DS Jr too and from the looks of it, PS Audio supports their products well beyond their End of Sale date so I’m not too worried myself.


I look at it like “how lucky, I got the revered giant killer DSJ before the choice part supply ran dry…:sunglasses:


There’s certainly nothing to be worried or concerned with. Of course we will support and maintain the Junior for years to come. There’s very few problems in the first place. I certainly wouldn’t worry. It’s a great piece.


Is there also a hardware update for the DS Senior pending maybe? Shipping resumes in May, per the website, which seems quite a long break. The machine came on the market 5 years ago I believe so maybe there are some parts upgrades by now, to further shepherd Ted’s amazing stream of software releases into the future. Anyway this is what I am hoping for because I am looking at DS Senior as the next frontier in my upgrade queue.


I would be more than happy and satisfied if I could afford to buy the DS Sr. right now.


Linn lost a lot of ground in the digital streamer market. Just see sales statistics for Aurender, Lumin, and Auralic. Linn is a minor player in digital audio now by comparison.