DS Junior discontinued?


So what? Being different can be great fun. :slight_smile:


Decware High Fidellity Engineering has been doing that for over twenty years.


We have always had a different approach than others. We consider you and the others reading this family, unlike other companies that feel more like the bank of Switzerland than family.

Certainly, we have our secrets, our projects and skunk works we don’t let outside the walls of PS Audio but, for the most part, those are long term plans that may never see the light of day.

Once we’re certain we’re heading down the right path we share with our family.


This forum probably has only a small percentage of the PSA customer base as members but they are undoubtedly the most passionate about the product line and so are a very unabashed sounding board.
I think its a great idea to see the Big Boss and his crew give personal insight and replies. Very unusual indeed but it definitely works here and I’m sure helps both R&D and the bottom line.
Everyone appreciates the interaction although sometimes it looks like herding rabbits.


Re Linn and DSD, when multichannel SACDs first hit the market I was visiting any store that might have some. I even went to the local snooty audio store. They told me that high end companies like Linn will never support SACDs, but I could see some Linn SACDs on the wall about 2 feet behind him :slight_smile: I bought some and they sounded pretty darn good.


Spot on. Love my Linn SACD compilations, think I have 9-10 of these.


Aloha Ted - what’s your take on DSD in general vs PCM? Does DSD inherently sound better assuming all else is equal, mastering, etc?

I’m talking about DSD files, not actual physical SACD’s…



I would like to see a USB input for dsd files in the new jr


DSD can have better resolution over the audio band than 24 bits and it can have a wider frequency response than 192k (but barely.) … But how can all else be equal? If the material was originally recorded in PCM, it’s plausible that PCM delivery might be better than DSD and conversely. DSD does seem to be a more accurate way to record and play back than PCM, tape, etc. That makes DSD great for archiving and if you master in the older analog style DSD works great used just as a tape deck. Personally I prefer DSD in a big way for orchestral or other more complicated music.


Yes, “all else equal” is a bit broad. I was more thinking that if its the same original recording, is it worth spending the extra money to buy DSD versions?


I tend to buy things in the original recorded format: if it was DSD sourced I buy DSD, if it was PCM I buy the PCM. If it was 24/96 I buy 24/96… Sometimes it’s a little hard to find that info, but the better sites have it.


Maybe this could be answered privately via PM or email, or after it’s discontinued…but is it possible to try new caps and a better power supply in DSJr? I had to open mine up, which was incredibly easy with the help from PSA staff, and noticed that there is a TON of empty space.


With surface mount parts it’s not always easy to skip around various components. The power supply is distributed quite a bit, but there is a top level of it along the opposite side of the board from the connectors. There are three top level supplies each being 8V: the bipolar analog supplies and a digital supply. Then there are local regulators around the board. The analog regulators are discreet with a reasonably good voltage reference.

It will be tuff to replace the power supply caps, don’t change the value much, much smaller and they won’t hold up long enough, much larger and all you are doing is adding to the startup surge. Replacing them with non-surface mount caps may add too much inductance (tho this probably isn’t a problem with the top level power supplies.)

Note that that changing the top level digital regulator isn’t as simple as it might appear, the amount of current sharing between it and the two bypass transistors is controlled by R905.


OMG ,this news sound bad to me. I just ordered and received DSJ 10 days ago with regular price

I relly LOVE what I have heard from DSJ , and even think I am close to the end game of DAC chasing

Hope I am still qualify of future trade-in/trade-up opportunities since I am far in Taiwan.


The discontinued notice of the DSJ is interesting and the comments noted above. I read that comment on another site on Jan 31, 2019 and called PS Audio and spoke to James =, same day around 11:30 am EST and he said, only the black version is going to be discontinued. So what is it.


@KeithLeeTW - Each distributor handles trades-ins and trade-ups in their own way, though most strive to mirror our program. If you send me an email at scott.schroeder@psaudio.com I can get you in touch with our international account manager for more details.

@mav52 - Both colors have been discontinued; however, we will still have a handful of silver DSJs on hand. Once our remaining quantity of silver DSJs is gone, the DSJ will no longer be available new from PS.


Well dang Scott. Maybe PS needs to ensure their staff knows the full story. Anyway hate to see such a nice device being discontinued. It surely meets and checks the boxes for a lot of users. Thanks


I’m sorry you didn’t get accurate info when you called in - I’ll talk to the team to make sure everyone is on the same page moving forward.

We hate seeing it go as well. The DSJ is a great piece of gear and a lot of folks use it and love it. Unfortunately a parts shortage on a few key components forced our hand. Our R&D team is constantly toiling away, though, so perhaps we’ll have a replacement someday.


Frankly, that’s bad news for PS.

It may push ppl to YGGDRASIL…


Hopefully, the parts that are in scarce demand are not subject to failure. That said, even when the DSJ goes out of warranty, I’d hate to see it become a brick due to no availability of replacement parts.