Direct Stream Bridge 1 not seen by JRiver Media Center 24

I cannot get MC24 to see the Bridge 1 on my DS DAC. I have had this problem on and off for over 5 years. I have gone through the following articles:

How to upgrade the DirectStream Operating System
How to update Bridge 1 firmware
How To Setup A Static IP Address

I get the green network icon on the DAC.
I get music playing on my mac laptop.
I am using a Synology NAS 214+.

Any suggestions, starting with the most basic, would be welcome.


Try this.

Thanks Brodric I will try this tonight and post back my results.

This may help me too. Thanks Brodric!

Brodric I read your link " How to get through firewalls for Bridge streaming" from 10 months ago, right through, three times. It explains how to use “Windows Defender Firewall” and I have an Apple Mac.

I read the article linked to it “How to setup JRiver and the Bridge” and this hasn’t helped me either.

Today I get the message “connection failed” when attempting to connect to the NAS. I get a message “There was a problem connecting to the server DiskStation.”

I guess I need to go through a step by step article for this sort of thing. My main job is far removed from computer networking.

PS Audio Customer Support are your best resource for assistance from here.

Thanks for the heads up.