DS MK I with PWT vs MK II without

Could you elaborate on the shorting plugs you referred to and a source as well? I have not been following the DSD Mk II threads until recently. I assume shorting plugs for unused SPDIF, AES, I2S, and USB? The latter two would in mind benefit the most from shorting plugs.

I vote for getting a new DSD MkII, using PS Audios generous trade in program, and locate used PWT transport if your budget allows. That’s probably the best bang for the buck. I have had both the MkI MKII and both transports. The MkII sounds much nicer than the MkI DAC.

If money is tight - consider a used Mk I and a used PWT, which are still very good, then trade in the MkI towards the MkII; then update to the new transport as budget allows.

You can probably get a new MkII and a used PWT under your targeted 8k budget.


I saw a video on YouTube with Ted talking about his TSS at what looked like a audio show. It will be interesting to see what kind of improvements it will offer over the Mk II. I know right now that it will be in a price bracket much beyond my comfort zone.

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I agree, this is the route I will probably take depending one how well the Mk II is reviewed over time. A new Mk II, preferably at a discount, then adding the transport later if I feel the need. I’m OK with the delayed gratification as, for me, I kind of enjoy the planning and anticipation. On the other hand, life is short and you just never know what the future holds. Hopefully many years of enjoyment left.

It is away to turn off USB and i2s circuits when not used. Ted gave us tip on how to hot rod our MK1. Ted has a method to do that removing power in MK2. Problem is PSA UI software is not ready.

On MK2 best case is quiet USB and i2S2 in my system. I hear large noise floor drop. It was sme for MK1.

Jkrichards sells them


Read this thread to make your own. But you need extra shielding to work best.



Isn’t buying the MK2 an option, while taking advantage of the trade-in and using the optical output of your current player (assuming it has one)? If it doesn’t, you may rip your current collection and stream it. In the meantime enjoying the new dac and saving for a used PWT.

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Keep watching closely you can get a great buy on a PWT.

All I can say is: I traded in my PWD for the MK2 beta. I also have the PWT that I ran with the PWD, it sounded great. I also purchased the PST.
The MK2 with the PWT sounded far better than the PWD and PWT. The MK2 and PST is sooooo much better SQ. Talk to @sixpack1 he has both as well. IMHO the PST sounds so much clearer than the PWT with the MK2. When you hear the MK2 with PST it will blow you away. Don’t get me wrong the PWT is a great sounding transport.

If SACD’s are not an issue for you then why are you limiting yourself to PSA transports two of which are long out of production. There are other transports out there brand new that will do the job for CD’s only and allow you to get in under your budget.

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I’ve been reading up on the whole transport question and the consensus seems to be the the whole galvanic isolation thing is a game changer, even with the transport, and is the way to go. So, I think my plan is to go Mk II and my present transport initially then consider a PST later. Who knows, maybe I will decide to go down the SACD rabbit hole after trying it. One thing is for sure, I’m not going to loose interest in the hobby through boredom anytime soon.:+1:


Of all your options, I think this the most prudent. If at each component step you got your “best in category” it is just a matter of time and money to go to the next. Waiting is a lot easier and enjoyable when the right building blocks are in place.


Regular CDs sound much better on the PST. SACDs/DSD64 are light years better sounding. If you have no SACD then it might not be worth the added cost for a PST. You will be blown away with the MK2 DSD256. Good luck.

Redbook CD’s sound incredible when played on either the PWT or the PST with the mk 2 DAC.


A step wise move might be a worthy strategy for your ears. Wait another year before buying a used MKII and PST. Budget $3,500 for used combo of an MKI and a PWT. I have seen several praises on this forum for the PWT and enjoyed mine.
Next year or later, you may get most of your outlay back if you sell the MKI and the PST (if you buy new you should get a decent trade in from PS Audio).