DS (Sr) not playing DSD

I’m using a Roon Nucleus + to send data via USB to my DS Sr. I have told Roon to send DoP with max sample rate DSD set as up to 128. I have some 128 files that look like they are playing, but I get no audio until engage DSP Sample Rate conversion. Sample rate conversion only works if I set it to convert DSD 128 to 352.8 kHz. No audio with conversion set to DSD 128 to DSD64 either.

It seems to work as it should with the Bridge II engaged. I have setups for both as I use the bridge for headphone applications, and USB for speakers.

I don’t know if it’s me, Roon, or the DS. I will post this on the Roon forum also.

I have resolved the lack of DSD 128 playing ability. I upgraded to Windom, rebooted both the Roon core, and DAC (by virtue of the FW update). All is good in music land. I am currently listening to Arabella Steinbacher work her violin magic.

This Wuhan Covid-19 thing has me really exploring music I was previously unfamiliar with.