DSD as digital pre volume setting

If this has been talked please don’t shoot me as I just couldn’t find it here in the forum.

I have a pair mono-block for audition beside my integrated, DSD senior into mono-block directly. The amp is single ended 40wpc. To get my normal integrated SPL I crank DSD volume to 80-90. Does this mean the amp is not powerful enough for my speaker, as it seams to use a preamp to volume to almost max?

Hi @delillotelfer

  1. Quite a few people who use preamplifiers, set the DSD to anything between 88 and 92. Some others set the throttle higher than that.
  2. I suggest you install NOISH app and measure your normal listening level with you integrated vs. your mono-blocks.
    NIOSH Sound Level Meter App | NIOSH | CDC
    If your device is Android based, there are other apps.
    Good luck.

Thx Serhan, I’ll try later to confirm. I believe I’d be 85db.
Mine is DSD into mono block directly, no preamp. That’s why I’m concerned.

Apologies! For some reason, I felt you were upgrading from an integrated to a a couple of monoblocs!

Anyway, the app has additional info including safe listening levels / time, which could be used as a general guide.

This has nothing to do with power output rating.
The sensitivity of the amplifier determines how loud it plays.
Anyway, you’re in good shape.
80 to 90 on the DSD puts it at good position for output level driving a power amplifier directly.