DSD-DAC. Question to Paul: "When I had a Dream ..."

My DSD was new and fresh awoken by combining it with the new PSA SACD-Transport (PST). Well, like a Frogking after the Kiss :blush:

For sure the combination demonstrates the very high standard of the DAC also. But ā€¦

ā€¦ if I had a wish, I would be very enthusiastic by a DSD Successor with a pricing at about 8.000 $ characterized by:

  • galvanic isolation (in air-gap generation)
  • separated power supply for digital and analogue circuits
  • superior transformers in the output section.

Iā€™m looking very much forward to hearing from you ā€¦

And last but not least: It will have the genes to outperform a Meitner MA-3 or a Mola Mola Tambaqui in my opinion.