DSD Dac Sr. Tiny little sound when turned on

Does your DSD DAC makes a little sound (it’s very little) right after you turn on the main switch ? I have never listen to it, so just cheking. And its not the relays sound few seconds before its ready. Its 1 sec after you turn on



my (2) DSD sr. are quiet on turn and during play…i have high efficiency horns, so any problems would be amplified…

The poppin is a “real” one. Not on the signal. I mean is made by some component on the DAC

I suspect you’re hearing the relays enabling the outputs. They (or something) make a bit of click as they engage.

Yes, @brett66 is right on point. There are a number of relay clicks as it mutes and un-mutes the outputs.

And in particular the attenuator relays are bi stable, meaning they remember their position when the power is off. When the system is booted they are all driven to the position that the software remembered from before the last power off, just in case. That’s a qualitatively different click than the mute relay.

Thank you guys. I never realize this click. Now I’m fine

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I rarely turn mine off by the switch. Usually always standby. I used to be a system admin and i treat the ds like a Unix box. To just turn off gives me the willies. :slight_smile:

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