Mute doesn't work on Stellar DAC

Can’t get Mute button on remote to work on any input - is this typical? The display shows “Mute” and volume 0 but the sound is not affected. Is this typical?

What happens when you switch off the DAC when it is in MUTE but still making sound?

The sound stops immediately. I thought that there might be a buffer which would give sound until it drained, but I left it on Mute for a minute or so and it still played on.

Even stranger (to me) is that the volume control on the remote will turn the volume up and down – still with “Mute” on the display showing. No jumps, no breaks, just a gradual increase or decrease in volume. Switching Mute on and off has no effect on the set volume, even though 0 is shown on the display.

This is one for the PS Experts @jamesh

It should work. Can you get in touch with us?

I’ve had the same problem with mine since day one, Oct 2017. I don’t use the feature so I haven’t bothered to get it fixed. I usually stop playback rather than mute as I don’t want the music to continue. I am interested in what the problem is to decide if I should pursue the fix.

Eh, for something like this, a factory reset would never hurt. There is a relay in there to stop the outputs, so that could be stuck in the “On” position, but I’ve never really heard this happen in the GDAC.

I was told by one of your technicians that it was an older (Oct 2017) unit and a chip upgrade was needed. He suggested a couple of options to take care of it, so I picked one and that should be that. If you have the same issue, I would suggest giving PS Audio a call.

Call PS Audio and they will lay out a couple of options to fix what was a bug in the early units.

Thanks; they pointed to an upgraded chip that should do the trick.

Hello Bikerbw,

Just wanted to reach out and make sure that you were taken care of?
If not please reach out to us at


  • Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

I don’t know whether it’s been taken care or not. I was told by the tech that he was going to send me out an updated DAC chip for me to install; he took my address and email information, but I haven’t heard any more about it.

Bill Willard

Hi Bikerbw,

Sorry for the trouble.
Please reach out to us at with your contact information and I will personally make sure that the replacement PIC chip gets sent out ASAP.

  • Jeremy

OK, sent.

OK, received the new DAC chip and installed it - that did the trick! Mute works, everything fine. Thanks a lot for the quick resolution!

HI Bikerbw,

This is fantastic news!
Thanks for letting us know and glad that it worked out.
If you ever need anything else please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Jeremy