How often do you reinitialize your DSD and PST?

How often do you reinitialize your DSD and PST? I find that my CD player and Dac like to be restarted powered off and on after about a minute every month or two for best sound. What are other people’s experiences?

I should mention that I have a modded DS Mk1 with APS nickel transformers, VOCM mod and outboard Keces power supply for analog power supply board in DS.

I’ve been happily running digital chain (including DAC) 24/7 for years till last month.
The only case when I noticed SQ degradation was after I was fiddling with cables going to DAC and something got briefly disconnected - that might introduced something wrong with SQ and the cure was to power-cycle the DAC. Otherwise the sound was fabulous, no need to wait for warmup on digital part.

Now for last month or so, i’m powering off the whole chain each night, trying to lower electricity bill. After next day power-on, it subjectively takes bit longer until the system can really sing, but i’m anyways usually starting to listen only about 30-60 minutes after power-on so it’s not a big deal.

My dac sounds Much better for the reinitialize once in a while.

I power-off and unplug my whole system if I leave home for more than an a night or two, which seems to be every 8-10 weeks these past couple of years.
Music at home always sounds great after a couple of weeks on the road, anyway!


Anyhow, my dac likes to be restarted every month or two. Just one of those things.

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I don’t have those. But my DSD Jr. runs 100% of the time and never lets me down.

I still love my DSD and hope to keep it for sometime. It always liked a reboot once in a while. I find it worth it for the sound I am getting especially since the dac is fully modded.

As my DSD was sounding wonky, as if a blanket was thrown over the speakers. A cold reboot, and it sounded closed in. A second reboot and after 8 hours to settle in all is fine.

Between tracks.

I sadly don’t get much time to listen at home during the week so every Sunday evening when I’m done listening, I cut the power to everything. However the P15 is always on. Then on Friday after work, I turn everything back on and let it warm up for an hour. The weekend officially begins once the system has warmed up :smiley:


For the reboot last night today my system sounds 3D holographic like amazing.

I tend to leave everything on all of the time and don’t reboot unless there has been some sort of issue or I plan to be away from the system for more than a few days.

I am pretty consistent about cycling through a 60 second clean wave burst when I sit down to listen though (c/o my PSA P10).