DSD drops off Roon and stops playing music


My DSD / Bridge II started repeatedly dropping off the Roon audio zone list today. When this occurs the music stops playing. I have corrected the problem by turning off my iPad and then turning it back on. I had this same problem a long ago and could fix it by rebooting the DSD. At that time, I recall having a fix that ended the problem until it just reoccurred today. I don’t remember the fix. I have the latest DSD and Bridge II updates. The roon software is located on my Mac computer. Any fix ideas?


Could you be running out of IP addresses on your network? Rebooting usually frees the address and requests another one.


Thank you This morning, after reading your suggestion, I rebooted my system. The DSD, modem, router, and computer. After doing so, I have had no dropouts. I didn’t try out the system just before rebooting, so I cannot guarantee that rebooting was the fix but it’s likely that it was my problem.


My problem has come back and is worse than ever. About 5 minutes after starting listening, my DSD is no longer on the Roon output list and the music stops. After rebooting my iPad the DSD is back on Roon’s list and I can restart the music. This then repeats about every 10-15 minutes for as long as I am playing music. I tried using Mconnect and it did the same thing. It came back with the message ‘Renderer does not respond’ which makes no sense to me. Help!!!


It can be several things. Roon Core and background processes or network. Your Roon core is resident somewhere. I would check for all updates for the device where the core resides do any outstanding updates and then reboot. The other is network issues. Did it work correctly before and if it did, where changes made? There are also processes that Roon attempts to use that add nothing to the music and are fluff. They are in the Library tab, disable “background audio analysis” and “on demand audio analysis speed” These processes are irrelevant and hogg considerable resources. The can severely impact Roon operational stability.