Roon tidal drops out

Hi, I’m a new DS owner. I have a DS connected to a Luxman L 509. I can play anything stored on my NAS via roon. However, whenever I try to play a tidal song through roon I lose Audio. It looks like the DS is still playing the song but in get no output to my integrated amp. Can anyone help?

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Welcome, @tonym !

That sounds like an internet connection issue… try restarting the modem/router, etc than restart the DS

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Roon is very sensitive to a strong and stable internet connection. The symptoms that you are describing is indicative of the problem. It’s very difficult to identify the source of the problem. This is from experience.

I have had the same experience with Roon too. Turning everything off and back on, including the router, will normally resolve the problem.

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When having connectivity issues, the Roon remote app will usually briefly pop up an error message. Are you seeing any when this happens?

The issue could be also be a decoding issue. Are you playing MQA content when this occurs?
How is your Roon core connected to your DS DAC?

Have you looked at the signal path when playing a track from Roon? That will show if it is recognising the DAC. Have you tried 16/44 rather than MQA?

For some reason this morning it mysteriously started working fine and I’ve had no issues all day. I guess I’ll just see if it happens again, but thanks for the input. My Directstream is amazing by the way!

Always nice when this happens. I’m guessing it was a network thing. Keep an eye on it.