DSD is being converted to PCM?

I’m playing the DSD 128 format of the “Audiophile Speaker Setup” album that I downloaded from HD tracks. It is going through my Roon Nucleus ROCK Core via USB into my DSD Senior, with the Snowmass update. I just set up my Roon Core today and it is running the latest Bios and ROCK software. The DS display says that the Input is PCM at 352 KHz, 24 bits. I would have expected it to say DSD. The Roon app Signal Path view is also showing the same conversion. So why is it converted to PCM? I thought the conversion logic just does the reverse if PCM is the source.


I just realized that there is a Roon setting to switch between DSD to PCM, DSD over DoP and initial Dcs setup. So I chose the second option and now I see DSD on the display.

Does show DSD 128 or DSD64 ?

It shows either 128 for DSD 5.6 or 64 for DSD 64, which is correct.

I have three versions of LSC-1806: Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra, two from HD Tracks, a 176 Flac (PCM) and a DSD 64, as well as the Classic Records vinyl reissue. My analog setup is fairly high end. After comparing all three, I think the DSD 64 sounds smoother and more musical than the Flac version, and perhaps cleaner than the LP, but the LP may be winning overall in terms of thrust and emotion. This is quite nebulous, right? I need to compare again. What I can say is that I’m quite happy with DSD!

Mine always show 64,down conversion from 128 done by Roon.

That doesn’t sound right. I would contact PS Audio or maybe one of the experts will chime in.

I understand streaming over bridge is only DSD64. Someone correct me if I’m wrong,please.

Yes, DSD 64 over the Bridge. I thought you were connected via USB, which will do DSD 128. Interestingly, there are a few DSD 256 downloads available on HD Tracks, but the Directstream won’t support anything over 128.