Roon DSD to PCM on PWD mkII

I have a PS Audio Perfect Wave Dac mkII with Bridge II. This is not a dac that will play DSD. I use Roon to control the music, and that particular software will convert DSD to PCM.

I’m interested in purchasing the high-resolution version of The complete Beethoven piano sonatas by Mari Kodama on the Pentatone label. It’s pretty incredible! It’s also a little expensive and I don’t want to make a format mistake.

If I buy the DSD version, I will be all set if and when I upgrade to a DSD dac in the future. But as this might not happen for a few years, I am worried that the DSD version might not sound good enough on my system.

If that’s not the case however, and the Roon conversion from DSD to PCM will be on par with the PCM version that I can buy, that would be the best option.

therein lies the question: is Roon’s DSD to PCM conversion as good as a straight PCM version? Or perhaps even better?

DSD -> PCM is much easier than the other direction. I don’t know what Roon does in particular, but they’re no dummies. I have both the SACDs and ISO’s from Pentatone of the complete Beethoven sonata’s and really like them.