DSD J.River DLNA ID question

I’m running Jriver 20 on my pc (which houses my music library) and I just got a j.river Id (a DLNA renderer running J.river Linux).

I’ve set both the pc and Id to convert to PCM 24 (wav) and also “TOOLS/OPTIONS/MEDIA NETWORK/ADD OR CONFIGURE DNLA SERVER/ADVANCED/BITSTREAM DSD”.

For PCM all works well with the id receiving wav files (at correct sample rates) and passing them untouched to the directstream. For DSD, the id says it’s receiving 24/176.4 wavs and passes them untouched. Though i was unhappy about this (because I like the idea of my pc doing the converting of flac and alac to pcm) because I also wanted pure dsd, the directstream says it’s receiving DSD.

Which is correct the id or the directstream?

thanks for any help.

If the DS says it’s getting DSD it is getting DSD - The top 8 bits of each 24bit sample are toggling between 0xfa and 0x05. There’s essentially no chance that real PCM would do that :)

Cool. That means the id is storing the music and memory and just playing it!